Sunday, October 30, 2011

Romney Needs To Go On Fox News

I hate Fox News and I haven't watched it in years, except when I visit my parents. However, Politico had an interested quip from Chris Wallace today.

"Fox News Sunday" host Chris Wallace is calling out Mitt Romney for avoiding press scrutiny.

At the end of a 26-minute interview with Texas Gov. Rick Perry in Austin, Wallace noted that he has now interviewed all the major candidates as part of his 2012 one-on-one series, except the acknowledged frontrunner.

“He has not appeared on this program or any Sunday talk show since March of 2010,” Wallace said. “We invited Gov. Romney again this week, but his campaign says he’s still not ready to sit down for an interview.”

Romney has mostly avoided giving interviews to any print or TV reporters who would ask tough questions this year.
Now, I know what my fellow Rombots are going to say: "Fox News is completely, 100%, in the tank for Perry and Cain." Agreed. Fox News long ago shredded any pretense at attempting to conduct actual journalism. It is now the public relations firm of the Tea Party. It makes no effort at informing its audience of the actual issues that Americans are facing. It is the natural consequence of a media-driven politics that has taken over America. Fox News is market-driven "news" and Romney fans are not it's market.

That being said, one of the things that I have always admired about Romney is that he is not afraid to go into enemy territory. And yes, Fox News, is literally and publicly opposed to him. So what? That is part of running for President. Mitt needs to put his big boy pants on and face down Wallace. No, he won't get a fair shake, but he doesn't need to turn into a Sarah Palin without the whining.

Regardless, Wallace is somewhat of a well of water in a barren land. Fox does have some talent on board. Flashes of actual journalism can be seen at times from Wallace and Shephard Smith. It is one thing to skip the clowns on Fox and Friends in the morning, but Romney needs some of what Wallace and Smith have: non-Romney voters.

Come on, Mitt. You are better than this.

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Concerned Patriot said...

No he's not

Terrye said...

I agree. I noticed that Fox is really shilling for Cain and Perry..and I have been watching Fox for years. I watch it every day..but they are biased..just like most journalists..

But Romney should go on there anyway.

Terrye said...

Concerned Patriot..well maybe if he had Fox running interference for him the way it does for a couple of these other candidates it would not be an issue.

Anonymous said...

Romney would not likely be hurt by going on a Faux cut and splice interview because the Faux viewers are already opposed to Romney, and because they don't really have all that many viewers. So I don't fear for Romney if he were to do Faux. However, I would love it if Mitt never did Faux at all this election cycle, just to thumb his nose at them. Wouldn't it be awesome if Romney were elected president without ever having given Faux an interview.

Slick-Willy said...

I think Romney's campaign knows what they're doing. They have every reason to avoid these interviews and that only positive is that people like Wallace would not be able to attack him for not going (very small damage) if he did go.

IMO Romney's best bet is to continue avoiding these types of interviews until the nomination is sealed. Mitt doesn't need these guys. Going on their shows won't help and avoiding them won't hurt. After the nomination is inevitable he should go on and praise them in a big way--extreme diplomacy.

Whatever he does, no decision should be made based on one snarky remark by Wallace.

Right Wingnut said...

Fuck you, Pablo. Palin has been on FNS at least 4 times.

Terrye said...

Palin works for Fox Right Wingnut.

Terrye said...

My guess is that since intrade has Romney at 68% and everyone else below 13%, he probably figures he will keep doing what he is doing until he thinks he needs to step it up.

I think the Romney people probably have a plan.

Right Wingnut said...

Terrye, Yes she does....and they treat her like shit.

Right Wingnut said...

Romney also has yet to appear on Meet The Press, Face The Nation, or This Week during this campaign.

Chicken shit.

Closer To Home said...

I expect by the fact that FOX is the one making the point, that they think it is more important to them than it is to Romney. Imagine what it does to their image that they don't get any love from the front runner and presumptive nominee, even if that is only because every other candidate has run inept campaigns and in many cases can't go a single interview without throwing up on themselves.

I'm thinking sometime in December is a good time for Romney. Then he'll do a blitz of all the shows over a couple of weeks and then we'll have the contests.

Or maybe he can challenge Perry to a one on one debate on FOX, for a WHOLE HOUR!

Right Wingnut said...


Why would he challenge Perry to a debate in December? Perry won't be any more of a factor at that point in the campaign than he is now.

Closer To Home said...


I suggested Perry because Cain will already have been crucified by Newt. No sense piling on.

And wasn't it sad that after a whole hour with Perry on his own movie set, it was all summed up by Wallace whining that Mitt wouldn't sit down with him. Big slap in the face for Perry.

BOSMAN said...

I think he should do the other networks first..Face The Nation...Meet The Press...etc.

Do Fox News LAST!

Anonymous said...

I too would laugh if Romney thumbed his nose at Fox. Romney did do Bill O'Reilly a few weeks ago. OReilly is suppose to be a tougher interviewer than Wallace any way. Wallace just likes to take cheap shots at candidates like Romney and Bachman. Bachman and Romney were standing in the way of Fox's chosen one-Perry and now it is Cain.

Anonymous said...

He should agree to let Sarah Palin interview him on Fox.

Now that would be something.

Terrye said...


Man, you picked a good name for yourself. If Fox treats Palin so bad, she can always turn down the money and leave.

corep said...

yep a palin interview of Romney that might even get RW to not swear on the comments section. :)

Anonymous said...

oh oh RW is crapping his pants again, guys please refrain from using the word "palin" in any of your posts.Palin has a secret online defender in RW. He is so obsessed with the queen and still upset shes not running. If he would have just lived in reality and think like a smart person he would have known palin was just teasing him and not running. Palin obsessed fans like RW still live in the fantasy world that palin would actually have a chance at winning and that cant be any farther from the truth. The truth is palin would never win,she doesnt have the guts to run. All she wants is to be in the news any way any how and making that money. Her obsession with the spotlight is obvious, I wish she would leave politics and audition for the cover of playboy, cougars edition. I would buy that.

Anonymous said...

Romney isn't afraid of doing interviews, I think he just has a plan and he's sticking to it. When the time comes, he will do the interviews he needs to do. Hopefully FOX will come last, if at all.

Romney isn't going to be pushed around by anyone this time, he's doing everything his own way, and in his own time. So far, it seems to be working quite well.


Slick-Willy said...


You seriously need to address your lack of professionalism. I've only been visiting this site for a month, but this thread is a new low for you. And you've never been high.

Slick-Willy said...

In 2007 Romney did all of the interviews and always did well. But on some shows (Face the Nation), it was nothing but "gotcha" attempts during Mitt's interview and consistent soft balls for McCain and Huckabee. Even if Romney nails every second of an interview, the interviewer can create a negative impression through HIS attitude toward the candidate and through the edit job he does before airing it.

That said, I wouldn't be concerned at all if Mitt started doing his interview rounds. But if he doesn't, that also makes sense.

Right Wingnut said...

Slick -Willy,

That's right! I'm not professional. Guess what? I don't care!

Anonymous said...

O'Reilly's not on Fox anymore? Mitt's been on his program.

Doug NYC GOP said...

The anti-Romney crown is really turning out to be one of the most humorous aspects of this campaign.

All through 2010 we heard how Romney was going to be pilloried on the debate stage by EVERYONE over Romneycare. Well TPAW impaled himself on that one and everyone else has either blixed it or avoided it all together. Gingrich folded like a cheap camera and Perry recast himself as a Sagebrush Savant.

Romney OWNS the debates.

When Palin wouldn't move out of the Fox cocoon to do an interview, it was praised and defended as Palin being her own woman.

Now that Romney is playing the game HIS way, these same people are criticizing him.

I doubt he'd go the distance w/o granting Fox an interview, but I do kinda like his attitide. I remember when he was promoting his book, he didn't sound too fond of them on the LEno show.

He knows Rupert is no fan and so he'll do it when he feels it's best. After he survived not going on Bret Bair's 12 for 12 series and is leading the pack.

I like Bosman's a few of the other shows and make Fox crawl.

Doug NYC GOP said...


We've all come to accept RWn and challenged vocabulary.

Kinda like the Crazy Uncle you see a the holidays.

Right Wingnut said...


LOL. You've used a few salty words yourself...including in your front page posts!

Anonymous said...

I like this site and have never seen an F-bomb used by doug, or any other vulgar words that ive seen out of you RW and I could be wrong, but dougs right, we have come to accept it and you are our crazy uncle LOL..this site wouldnt be the site it is today without RW, if you dont like rw's language then beat it. RW, we love you!!!!


Ohio JOE said...

Well, I too am a big fan of RW, but I do not think that such language was needed to be produced at this time.

The other day, I was at a Conservative rally in my community and a few union thugs drove by and produced such language beginning with F. We just waves. Fortunately, even though there are many union households in the area. Most people gave us the thumbs up.

Dixiegirl7 said...

I don't blame Mitt for not going on Fox's Sunday shows. Fox is ridiculously biased and would only use anything he says out of context to smear him. I would tell Chris Wallace to bite me...and it sounds like they I have always been a Fox viewer and I can't stand to even watch it now. If you are a Romney supporter you can watch CNN or MSNBC and it's more fair and balanced. Fox has lost any amount of journalistic credibiity it ever had. They are nothing but a shill for the Tea Party, on the level with Rush Limbaugh.

Ohio JOE said...

"Fox is ridiculously biased" spoken like a true Leftist.

Dixiegirl7 said...

Hardly a, but nice try.

Anonymous said...

Pablo does frequently bring out the vulgar language from RW. RW may seem like some of YOUR "crazy uncles," but I usually remind him that I don't like his language. So, RW, I don't like your language!