Monday, October 31, 2011

Most of Zip Code 33480 GOP money donations are going to Mitt Romney

I know its only a small snapshot when it comes to when it comes to fundraising, however I found this article interesting nonetheless:
Even though Republican presidential contender Herman Cain is overtaking Mitt Romney in some national polls, the “Cain Train” campaign has received only $500 in donations to date from the 33480 ZIP code as compared to Romney, who is leading all candidates here with $158,000.
President Barack Obama’s $33,175 in total donations from Palm Beach is the fifth largest behind Romney, Newt Gingrich ($39,258), Jon Huntsman ($38,500) and Rick Perry ($35,000).

“I’m not surprised Gov. Romney is doing so well in Palm Beach,” said Marie Hope Davis, president of the Palm Beach Republican Club. “When he was a candidate in the last election, he had a ground team ready to go and there were a lot of Palm Beachers involved at that time.”


Similar to the Palm Beach trend, campaign donations throughout Florida show 71.6 percent going to Republicans and 28.4 percent to Democratic candidates, with Romney being the top fundraiser statewide. Donations to presidential candidates by Floridians total $6,581,859, according to statistics compiled by the Center for Responsive Politics.
Read the full article HERE.

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Anonymous said...

Why wouldn't Romney be getting the most money?

People want to support a winner and the best person for President.

larry said...

I guess Perry's statement is a contradiction of everything he has done or is proposing to do.

How can anyone take him seriously?

Anonymous said...

Just another flip flop from perry.

Revolution 2012 said...

Many of these are retired business People.

They know the importance of investing wisely.