Friday, September 9, 2011

Ron Paul states that Rick Perry did not assault him

Looks like the now famous picture was Much Ado about Nothing.

Ron Paul spoke to a Simi Valley gathering and addressed the rumors, telling a rather charming story about teasing a reporter from the Des Moines Register about the incident being “so bad” that he didn’t dare talk about it. In reality, the first meeting between the two Texans was so unremarkable that Paul doesn’t even recall what was said, but says that the two didn’t exchange any “cross words” at all



TexasConservative said...

I will once again state that I am not a Rick Perry fan.

But this website is getting rather ridiculous with all of the hit pieces on Rick Perry. Thus the need to present correct information on my governor.

So have at it in the comments, but let's stick to policy rather than all of these personal attacks.

Right Wingnut said...

Either way it's bad optics...much like the finger in the chest of the college student, or the time he shoved Palin aside, and grabbed her arm at the RGA news conference. He comes of as a bully. He'll need to work to avoid these situations in the future.

By the way, Drudge, Hot Air and countless others reported this yesterday.

DanL said...

"But this website is getting rather ridiculous with all of the hit pieces on Rick Perry."

Hey TC, in 2007-08 when Huck's Army was a nonstop hit job on Romney did you ever step in to defend Romney against their slanders? Hahahaha, not a chance. Spare us all you mock indignation.

Anonymous said...

I have left two comments on here, and they have not shown up. This is my last try!

We now know that he got physical with a reporter in Iowa, with Palin, and now with Paul. If this is how Perry reacts to heated situations, so be it. Voters have a right to see what Perry does. Bill Clinton had a problem with women; something that I believe I heard from a reporter before he was elected. I wonder if it would have changed people's minds before about him if they had known the full extent of this problem? Anyway, Perry's physicality appears to be a pattern, and not an appropriate one, in my opinion.

I have watched Mitt Romney get heated up on a number of occasions. Every time it seems as if his brain kicks in at about twice its usual abilities to demolish his attackers with words. I prefer Mitt's angry reactions to Perry's. Q.E.D.


Anonymous said...

Paul is such a nice guy.