Thursday, August 25, 2011


Hi All
Big H/T to Politico this morning for the following update on Profligate Perry, the Sage of West Texas

"HE DID IT AGAIN - PERRY APPOINTS TWO MORE BIG DONORS TO CUSHY BOARDS : From the Texas Tribune: "On Wednesday, Perry named Dan Friedkin, chairman and CEO of the Houston-based Friedkin Group, to head the influential Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission. Friedkin is the son of Thomas H. Friedkin, the Houston billionaire and founder of Gulf States Toyota distributors. Since 2000, the Friedkins have given more than $700,000 to the governor's state campaign organization, Texans for Rick Perry, making them his fifth-biggest donors... Also on Wednesday, the governor appointed his 2010 gubernatorial campaign finance chairman, James H. Lee, to the Higher Education Coordinating Board. The Houston investor has given almost $194,000 to Perry's state campaigns and previously served on the Teacher Retirement System Board of Trustees from 2006-2009." All governors (and presidents) appoint donors to plum posts, but there is a long list of top Perry donors who have wound up with seats on the coolest boards and commissions the Lone Star State has to offer. Expect Perry opponents to use these and other appointments, along with the gifts we told you about last week, to try creating a cronyism critique"


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kelly said...

Great post craig.

I hope you, Bosman and others continue to expose Perry for what he is.

It means more coming from a conservative site like this than from any lib site.

thank you

DanL said...

This is just incredible. There is so much dirt on this guy that the media and Obama would coast to reelection if Perry is the nominee. It is nauseating that Faux News isn't vetting Perry at all. It makes one wonder if Faux News really wants Obama reelected. It would be a good business strategy for them as they get better ratings when the Dem is president. And they suffer when they are having to defend a republican president, ala the Bush years.

Massachusetts Conservative said...

Conservatives NEED to speak out. GOP primary voters BRUSH OFF liberal attacks on Perry. They will listen to US.

Well-done Craig.

Perry is a CORRUPT bastard, and I will NOT stand for him to be the nominee of our party.

Anonymous said...

I won't vote for Perry. I won't go so far as to vote for Obama, but I will actively campaign against Perry in my purple state, and it will turn blue...