Thursday, August 25, 2011

Perry: Pro-Lifers YES! Rudy NO?

Rick Perry joined the 2012 Presidential Race kinda late. He needs to beat Mitt Romney – the heretofore front runner – for the GOP nomination, if he has any hopes of meeting President Obama for a shootout at the DC Corrall.

In his haste to ensure his Evangelical/Pro-Life/I’m a Real Conservative bona fides are well documented and secure, Perry  has signed the controversial Susan B. Anthony pro-life pledge. He obviously was looking to score points with social conservatives against Romney, who declined to sign the awkwardly worded document earlier this summer.

"The four-point pledge stipulates that signers agree to “select only pro-life appointees for relevant Cabinet and Executive Branch positions, in particular the head of National Institutes of Health, the Department of Justice, and the Department of Health & Human Services.”

By signing the pledge, it seems Perry might have just closed the ranch house door on his good friend Rudy Guiliani. It's widely speculated Perry is considering the former NYC Mayor as a running mate or his Attorney General, should he be elected. Rudy doesn't meet the stringent qualifications laid out in the pledge.

(Bonus: At the American independent link, there is a painful 6 minute video of Perry endorsing Rudy.)

Jennifer Rubin at the Washington Post has the full scoop on how Governor “Ricky Bobby” has tangled himself in the tumbleweeds of handling the pro-life issue and making thoughtful and  perhaps thorny Administration appointments.

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Anonymous said...

Doug, sorry to use your thread to call out all of your fellow Romney supporters but I just wanted to offer some advice...

Everyday I come to this site and I find 5 - 10 new articles about how Rick Perry is the devil incarnate. I admit I also am not a fan of the Governor from Texas either but all of these attack posts are really starting to look petty.

You guys are preaching to the choir with all of these posts.

I wish a sub header would be integrated, into the site design, that states this site is a place for Romney supporters to agree on everything and use any means possible to destroy any challenger he might have.

I guess I just don't understand the enjoyment?


Anonymous said...

I mean, other than the Romney supporters, you can count all the other readers, from other camps on two hands. And I haven't read any indication that any of us (support somebody other than Romney) support Rick Perry.

Excuse my language but it all just seems rather masturbatory.


Perry's Pooh said...


"I guess I just don't understand the enjoyment?"

You don't need to.

Anonymous said...

JR, cry me a river. I see nothing wrong with us here on RS doing the vetting process for Perry since it seems the rest of the GOP seem to ignore it.

If you dont like, dont read. Even RW has posted his fair share of Perry posts which brought to light new information on Perry I didnt know about. Just calm down, eat your wheaties and await the queen's announcement.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sir Charles

Anonymous said...

Even Rove on Greta told Palin to poo or get off the pot.

Doug NYC GOP said...


I do believe this site already has a very fine sub-header: " A Place for All Conservatives to Speak Their Mind."

Everyone is welcome to write and publish a post here. Bosman has been very generous in extending invitations.

The issue is not with the level of talent, committment and passion displayed by the Romney supporters, who make the majority of the contributions to this site, but with the supporters of other candidates who do not.

craigs said...

JR my friend

Why not come to this site often and critique the Romney posters , like me? You will be welcomed and you will come to enjoy the repartee. The fact that the comments are so one sided is because people who may be less enthusiastic about Romney, like you, don't bother to post .
So, have at it my friend


Joe said...

Not sure Rick Perry’s poll vault will trump Mitt Romney

Anonymous said...

If this supposed to be a place for all conservatives, then I recommend putting a notice out on other sites that the invitation to post and support their candidate is welcome at RightSpeak.

If Palin doesn't enter, then I really have no interest in this primary. If Palin enters I might post.


I'm glad my point went unnoticed.


Doug NYC GOP said...


Your point did not go unoticed, it just wasn;t agreed with. As I said, pretty plainly already, Bosman has extended many invitations to people to post. I know for a fact he's extended one to you and it had been decl;ined.

I don't other sites bending over backwards to accomodate the less proficient and motivated supporters of candidates ton post their opinions.

If you want to reserve posting to if and when Palin decides to run, that's fine. But don't frown on those who take the time to share information and opinion, just because it's not your cup of tea.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Doug, you're right Bosman has been very accommodating to his readers. All I'm saying is that when one visits this site it looks and feels like a pure Romney fan site and it doesn't seem inviting at all.

I dislike Perry as much as the next guy and I understand the love Romney receives from his most ardent of supporters but there is a whole primary happening and as a reader, of this site, all I get is that Romney is awesome and Perry sucks. Do you really think that myopic view will gain new readers?

Even when something happens in the race that doesn't pertain to Romney(specifically) the gist of any mention of that news is how Romney would have handled it better or how it affects Romney.

Just title this a Romney fan site and get it over with.

From my viewpoint (a non-Romney supporter) I am trying to give you guys some constructive criticism.


Anonymous said...

how does that justin timberlake song go? "Cry me a river"