Thursday, August 25, 2011


A great H/T to Politico for this commentary by Jack Markell.

As a caveat, Markell is the DEMOCRATIC Governor of Delaware. He is also an ex -CEO of a few well know companies like McKinsey, Comcast and Nextel. His comments , however, mirror the perspective of many Independents and lack any shrill Democratic bombast. The comments are a clear look at what is coming about a Perry Candidacy. In a nutshell, Markell says the following:

" 2012 is shaping up to be an epic clash over two fundamentally different approaches to building our nation's economy" True enough !

" Perry argues that if the nation adopts his approach to business development...based on less regulation and less litigation....the economy " will absolutely take off like a rocket "

Markell continues " there are lots of countries with no regulation, little taxation and no real threat of litigation, usually where wages are low and much of the wealth resides with a tiny slice of the elite. That's a lousy model for middle-class Americans" Markell is right. I've been to those countries like Guatemala, Argentina, Brazil, etc.

Markell says " My experience in business leads me to favor a different model for our nation; one focused on strengthening the middle class. Reasonable taxes and appropriate regulations are important but what drives wages is innovation. And innovators care far more about access to skilled and inspired talent than just about anything else. They'll pay to get them "

" The model favored by Perry is fueled by low -wage jobs, which creates a race to the bottom. The middle class model involves competing with other countries in a race to the attract research and development operations, high end manufacturing, design shops and the like"

"Building a sizable, vibrant and growing middle class requires great schools, a highly trained workforce and an attractive and exciting quality of life. Perry and his followers are so dedicated to the philosophy that government cannot improve the lives of the people that they aim to shrink government to a crippled state in which it would indeed be unable to make the necessary investments in education and infrastructure"

There is more . Read the whole article at Politico. Much of what Markell says is liberal dogma. But, some of what he says is true. Rick Perry espouses the " trickle down " theory in spades. If the rich are made richer, the poor will be better off.

I am not in total agreement with what Markell says. It is a somewhat typical liberal argument.....but you can look for this kind of a criticism and it may well be a winner against a Perry who paints his rhetoric in dark shades rather than hues. America is still a centrist country. The candidate that best identifies with this broad center will win. That is not Rick Perry and his Race to the Bottom.


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CF said...

"Rick Perry espouses the " trickle down " theory in spades. If the rich are made richer, the poor will be better off."

I have to disagree with this. Trickle down economics works well when it is done right. Rick Perry didn't do this in Texas.

#1 He practically turned Texas into a Sanctuary State for Illegal immigrants by supporting Open Borders, and granting tuition for them. This was a boon for the poor, not the rich.

#2 Perry signed a law heralded by ACORN as their "greatest moment" in Texas allowing low income families to take out loans for homes. Just like the the Community Reinvestment Act, this caused the market to become bottom heavy.

Perry does not espouse Reaganomics. Why would he? He was true-blue Democrat and disliked Reagan and his policies in the 1980s.