Friday, August 19, 2011

Mitt Romney: A Week in New Hampshire (VIDEO)

H/T Joe

“If we’re led by people who will tell us the truth and live with integrity and who actually know how to lead, then America will remain as it’s always been: the hope of the Earth." ~Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney re-emphasised above that corporations are indeed People and The Wall Street Journal Agrees:
The point Romney was trying to make is an important one: Corporations are not alien entities from which money can be magically retrieved. They are human creations, and taking money from corporations has consequences that affect those human beings. Taxes on corporations are taxes on people.


The idea of corporations as somehow independent of human interests, however, continues to be an important part of the Democratic Party’s rhetoric. This allows Democrats to use “corporations” as both scapegoats and money trees, while ignoring the consequences for the individuals behind those corporations. In his simple statement, Romney challenged the lie inherent in that rhetoric.

Romney may take flak from Democrats over his comment, but he is only saying what nearly everyone already knows. And while Exxon or Apple won’t be going to the polls, those companies’ shareholders, managers and employees will be. I suspect that they, too, will remember Romney’s remark. They won’t be so quick to call his defense of their interests a gaffe.

Read the full article here.

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Anonymous said...

It looks like Mitt is "drawing a line in the sand" over this. It's an important and interesting point to engage in. I guess we'll see how this plays out, but Mitt certainly is backing down or apologizing for defending corporations. Our current President has done nothing but bash them and take money from them, both for taxes and for his campaigns. Interesting....


Anonymous said...

The comment at 12:01 should read "is NOT backing down or apologizing..." Sorry, I didn't proofread as I should have before posting!


Doug NYC GOP said...

I loved this statement last week when Romney said it and even more now.

A vast majority of the peoiple who are unemployed are unemployed from....CORPORATIONS.

This is smart.

Everyone loves to attack the big old bad, nameless, faceless Corps.

Well look around my friends.

Look at your family.

Look at your neighbors and friends.

Most of them work for corporations.

We went from 53 managers to 36 during the past 2 years. I'm grateful for my job.

I hope my corporation makes boatloads of profits, so it can expand and promote me.

Romney is on too something here. I love that the answer came out so fluidily from him in a period of high emotion. It shows there IS a heart under that "corp veneer."


Anonymous said...

Exactly Doug! This was a very telling moment for Romney and should give Americans great confidence that he gets it!

It's a fantastic starting point to kick the campaign into high gear.


Anonymous said...

Great video, thanks Bos. I'm sorry, Perry can't hold a candle to this.


Joe said...

A video should be made "We Are People/ We are Corporations" and have people that have been let go in front of major corporations that have let people go or places that have closed down (kind of like the bumps in the road) and hold the sign like in the other videos.

Anonymous said...

BOSMAN said...

Sorry Martha I can't take credit for this post. It's the Rev's.

BOSMAN said...


That WSJ link you've posted is already part of the post above.

Anonymous said...

Bosman, that was me. I thought it was a different article. I've read so many on this topic. Oops!

Sorry Rev!