Friday, August 19, 2011

RCP GOP Polling Averages From Four years Ago Today

This data poses some interesting questions.

Will Rick Perry be this year's Fred Thompson?

Will Mitt Romney be this year's Rudy Giuliani?

Who will be this year's McCain?

Regardless, I don't foresee anyone running away with it.


H/T Blerch


BOSMAN said...


Do you know off hand how many of these guys were official candidates at this point?

BOSMAN said...

Also RWN,

Can you do me a favor and post my Perry/China thread over at the Free Republic?

I'd be curious to see their reaction to Perry the 'China Doll'.

Right Wingnut said...


I can't post that there, due to the pro-Romney blurb. I don't feel like being accused of being a Romney supporter. It's already happened to me once, and I don't feel like arguing with those clowns.

The sign-up process is simple. You'll be posting within minutes!