Wednesday, August 3, 2011


PPP, our favorite Dem poll thinks so, today :
"A broad theme has been emerging in our state by state Presidential polling over the last couple months: if the Republicans nominate Mitt Romney it's a toss up. And if they nominate anyone else it's 2008 all over again. Our newest Nevada numbers very much reinforce that trend.
Barack Obama took the Silver State by 12 points in his first run. But if he had to stand for reelection today he'd be in a very competitive race against Romney, leading only 47-46 in the state. Pit him against any of the other Republicans there though and the numbers look pretty similar to last time- 9 point advantages over Herman Cain and Rick Perry at 48-39 and 49-40 respectively, a 10 point lead over Michele Bachmann at 50-40, and a 12 point advantage over Sarah Palin at 51-39.
Over the last month we've had similar findings in:

-Pennsylvania, where Obama is tied with Romney but leads all other Republicans by at least 7 points.

-New Hampshire, where Romney leads Obama by 2 points but all other Republicans trails Obama by at least 7.

-Virginia, where Obama leads Romney by 4 but has at least a 9 point advantage over all the rest of the GOP hopefuls.

-Michigan, where Obama has a 5 point advantage over Romney but at least a 15 point lead over everyone else."

It's amazing that even the Dems are telling us who is the strongest candidate while the GOP continues its " Children's Crusade" looking for the Holy Grail of a Pure Conservative who can win the Independents, hold the GOP and beat Obama. Ain't gonna happen, folks


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larry said...

The polls say it all.

NO OTHER candidate has Romney's strength in swing states.

Anonymous said...

The writing really seems to be on the wall. If Perry is the only one who can stop him, then there's not much for me to worry about.


Anonymous said...

I'm not ready to look past the mark. I don't trust any forces behind Perry. And I don't trust any characters thinking they would be the 3rd party "savior" (trump).

Steady and sure, confident and calm. Mitt's running a good campaign. Time will tell.