Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Glenn Beck Loved Spiderman...When Spiderman Was White

Earlier this year Glenn Beck raved about the Spiderman play that showed on Broadway. He said it was "by far the best show I've ever seen."

But now Marvel is replacing the white Peter Parker Spiderman with a half black, half latino Spiderman named Miles Morales.

Conveniently Beck has forgotten his former rapturous thoughts on Spiderman and told his radio audience “I don’t care” about the new Spider-Man and that it is just a “stupid comic book.”

Eventually Beck revealed his real opinion of the new Spiderman when he blamed the racial change on Michelle Obama.

“I think a lot of this stuff is being done intentionally. What was it that Mrs. Obama said before the campaign? Because its strange how so much of this seems to all be happening,” he said. Beck then played an audio file of Michelle Obama saying that “we’re gonna have to change our traditions.”

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larry said...

I will be curious to see how comic sales are affected by this change.

My bet is, they'll go down.

DanL said...

larry, sales probably will drop, but that is because Peter Parker has been Spiderman since it was created in 1963. This is a tried and true gimmick in comic kill off a title character and replace him with some knock off...only to bring him back in x number of months.

Anonymous said...

so beck the mormon is racist? we need a real christian in the white house

Anonymous said...

DanL, I know you really hate Glenn Beck, but this is a stupid post. Why should Glenn like a comic book replacement figure, no matter what race he is?

Blacks have become an increasingly smaller minority in America, and they receive way, way more attention than that. So do gays.

I am tired of having every single t.v. show with a disproportionate number of gays on it because Hollywood is in love with gay people and refuse to acknowledge that gays are a serious minority in most places outside of Hollywood and San Francisco. Does that make me a homophobe? Maybe it just means that I would prefer entertainment that is more reflective of the real world. Fat Chance!


DanL said...


I've always treated you and your husband with respect. I've never even insinuated that you might be racists for your strong support of SB 1070 or your continued defense of this racist trash, Glenn Beck. Don't presume to think that I hate Glenn Beck just because I won't just look the other way when he spouts his hatred. I have written at length about him on ROS and have written a little bit about him here. It is your prerogative to naively believe that your fellow Mormon and populist fire bomb thrower is a good man. It is my prerogative to dig deeper and see him for what he is. But you don't know what my feelings are about him, other than loathing, maybe.

You have expressed your great disdain for Pablo for what you perceive to be his arrogance. Maybe you should do a little self evaluation here. He has never been any more arrogant than you have with your comment above. You berate Pablo for calling tea partiers stupid, but you call those of us who disagree with the tea party lunacy...wait for it...stupid.

Anonymous said...

so dan,

so please fill me in, glenn beck according to your post is racist trash? glenn beck is mormon like yourself. So do some members of your church still harbor racism since they didnt allow blacks into power positions? You seem like a good fellow dan, why mix yourself in with a bunch of racist joseph smith worshippers? Come to know the christian jesus dan and you will be saved at the last day. I would vote for romney but only if i have to, people say religion should not matter, my take is if you have any regard for the gospel of Jesus Christ, then it should matter.If glenn beck is a racist, and he probably is,and hes a mormon, then that says a lot about your church and hes not the only one. God Bless Dan, its time to make a stand.

Anonymous said...


Excuse me, my comment said, "this is a stupid post." Where did I call you "stupid" for disagreeing with the tea party lunacy? I am waiting for you to respond to that.

I have never called you stupid, and I don't even disagree with all of your posts. I don't know your age, but I wonder if that is a factor in some of the disagreements I have with you. I am sure that Pablo and I have an age difference that corresponds to quite a different view of the world. That has NEVER translated into my calling anyone on this thread "Stupid!" Although, I will admit to saying that some of the posts are stupid, and I reserve the right to continue to call some of the posts stupid.


P.S. I am not a regular listener of Glenn Beck, nor am I convinced that he is a "good man." I just don't always agree with your conclusions.