Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Christie & Ryan buzz is a lot of phooey!

Over the last 3 or 4 days just when the flavor of the month Rick Perry is beginning to lose his gloss, the internet is abuzz with rumors again of Chris Christie and Paul Ryan getting into the 2012 race. Even Karl Rove is touting these rumors.......It Ain't GONNA HAPPEN.

Know why? Because after months of saying NO WAY in several different formats, if either decided to jump in now, they'd look like a horse's ass.

Both Christie and Ryan are young and have a bright future in the Republican Party. Ryan has stated he still has a lot of work yet to do in congress and as the father of young children, he knows the job of President is time consuming (when done right). His time will come

Christie is just starting to get his feet wet as Governor of New Jersey and is in the middle of turning around that state. To leave that job now, with so much left to do, would not sit well with folks who like their politicians to live up to their commitments.

A run now for either WOULD BE FOOLISH unless of course you could win.....but then again...there can only be ONE WINNER....and the candidates in there now aren't going anywhere either.

So, all this talk IMHO, is just a mixture of BS with a dash of wishful thinking.

I suppose there's always Rudy Giuliani.

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larry said...

I agree. Most of the yalk is nithing but hot air.

Anonymous said...

They've polled both of these guys before and the results were nothing special. Why would they get in?

Anonymous said...

The problem with Christie is that the perception he is doing good work is better than his record. He's been okay...better than Corzine but the man is more interested in arguing with teachers than he is with cutting taxes...which was his number 1 campaign promise. If he does run, at least his portion of the party will get their own national firebrand.


Anonymous said...

All this is doing is really weakling the field. Romney is the strongest, the most competent, the best, the brightest, the most moral, the most experienced and some folks can't handle that. So, some spend valuable time running about, seeking the 'anti-romney' candidate, when truly, the best thing to happen to this country IS Romney.


kelly said...

Fox News for the past 2 weeks have been over using the term "Anti-Romney" with what seems like glee.

The tone of their use of the term almost sounds as if Romney is some kind of evil entity.

Has anyone else picked up on this?

TexasConservative said...

As a Huckabee supporter who has been waiting to find a replacement candidate, I would work for and vote for Paul Ryan.

While he lacks the executive experience that I think is important to beat Obama, he makes up for it in courage and conviction in addressing the key issues our country is facing.

Obviously, I still would prefer a Huckabee/Ryan ticket, but I would get on board the Ryan train if it were ready to leave the station.

And for those that says it is too late for that, then you keep looking at the top of the polling results and not the bottom where it shows that many are still undecided or dissatisfied. Perhaps these undecideds would want to get on the Ryan train at platform 9 3/4 rather than the current crop's trains who started at platform 1.

BOSMAN said...


Maybe you could coordinate the 55+ year old outreach for Ryan.

Because the Democrats will launch a massive campaign stating that Ryan was out to SCREW THEM.

Ryan would be an ideal opponent for Obama.

BOSMAN said...


from the Democrat's point of view

TexasConservative said...

Bosman, as someone who is waaay younger than 55, I would be a good person to talk about social security-as it will be long gone, bankrupt by the time I get there.

But I think America is ready to listen to someone who speaks the Truth about America's problems and articulates a clear path to solving the crisis.

Ryan could be that guy.

BOSMAN said...

He might be the guy that speaks the truth on entitlements, but that won't get him elected with an AGING population.

I hate to say it TC, but there just aren't enough of you younsters out there to win it for him.

Anonymous said...

I like Paul Ryan! We NEED guys like Paul Ryan!! I am glad Christie is trying to help out NJ!! We NEED great governors turning their states around!

We NEED great guys in more than just the WH! At this time, it is unrealistic to think someone unexperienced and so late in the game...........and someone who has said REPEATEDLY they will NOT flip flop and run. It happened with Obama being "inexpereienced" and running the first time, but he had the liberal media behind him and pushing and helping him all along the way. A Republican will NOT have that advantage and therefore, why Repubs have to run twice before ever getting elected!! It's not because they've "earned" the position, it's because they have to overcome much more than the Dems, do.

I would like either of them as VP's, but again........they are critically needed where they have been elected to serve right now. Whoever the new Republican POTUS is.....he will need the support of MANY great leaders in VARIOUS places supporting and working for the much needed change.