Saturday, August 20, 2011

EPIC MRA Poll: Romney leads Obama in Michigan

The latest statewide poll conducted by EPIC MRA indicates that a whopping 75-percent of Michiganders believe America is on the wrong track. That’s an increase of 13-percent since a survey of 600 respondents was taken only one month ago. When asked specifically about Michigan’s economy, 40-percent said they think the economy has bottomed out and is starting to improve, 32-percent believe the economy is stagnant, and 25-percent think it could still get worse.

This pessimistic attitude is taking its toll on President Barack Obama. State residents are currently giving him a negative job performance rating of 65-percent. In July it was 60-percent.

If the election for President were being held today and Obama was running against former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, the incumbent President would lose 43-percent to 45-percent.

Mitt Romney 45%

Barack Obama 43%

Is America on the right or wrong track?

Wrong track 75%
right track/Don't know 25%

Obama's Job performance:

Negative 65%
The survey was conducted of 600 likely voters between August 13-16.

Note: At this point, the full data on this poll does not appear to have been posted at EPIC MRC.

The full Story is HERE.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

This is the second poll to show Romney beating Obama in Michigan. But there nothing but the sound of crickets from the conservative masses that want to beat Obama.

I think this country has seriously gone mad.