Sunday, July 10, 2011

Thaddeus McCotter: "Look For The Union Label..."

Thaddeus McCotter tweeted this Friday:

Kind of a strange statement from one Republican about another. Especially when they both have strong ties to the state of Michigan. Romney was born there and his father ran an auto company and was Governor.

Now McCotter's ties, that's another matter. McCotter seems to have a problem with Romney because the Autoworkers unions do.

On Romney's recent visit to Michigan, McCotter held a press conference with constituents where he blasted Romney for not supporting the General Motors and Chrysler bailouts.

Romney back in 2008 felt that the bailout was the wrong way to go and that a managed bankruptcy would have saved tax payers money and left the companies stronger because the unions would have had to make tougher sacrifices. In the end, Romney was right. Bankruptcy was the way to go. Unfortunately, it came AFTER the bailouts.

Now back to McCotter's ties to unions:

1. Was For Card Check before he was against it:

He voted to pass the Employee Free Choice Act of 2007. Not to many Republicans were on board because it basically eliminates employees from voting secret ballot. This meant that unions could intimidate workers in voting for what the union bosses wanted. Of course this was 2007 and under GW Bush, this bill was going no where.

2. Backed by major Union Donations: Top 20 Industries contributing to his Campaign Committee

3. CO-SPONSORED $165 Billion Union Bailout

So When you see or listen to Thad McCotter in the future, Remember the song from the video below:

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Anonymous said...

You cant blame him, you gotta after the frontrunner somehow, unfortunately coming from mcotter, this only tickles romney's big toe.

Massachusetts Conservative said...

Obama/Romney economy?


Where is the basis for that?

That doesn't even pass the wishful thinking test.

Right Wingnut said...

That was a dumb tweet by McCotter. And here I thought he'd be an effective attack dog.

Anonymous said...


What a sleazeball.

MITT 12 said...

This is great stuff.

I'm going to reference this post every time McCotter's name comes up.

He should be running as a Democrat

tim said...

Excellent post.

McCotter is just a union shill.

zeke said...

I have a theory about McCotter.

On top of being a union shill, his hope is the primary race will still be on when MI primary takes place. He figures if he can peel enough votes away from Mitt, maybe it would knock him out of first place there so someone else would take the state.

Anonymous said...

he might be Perry's 'useful idiot' in that he hits Romney, so Perry does not have to.

In the end, Romney will still be standing, and McCotter will be out of work.

Revolution 2012 said...

Excellent Post Bos.

All that INFO on him has to hurt once it gets out there.

Great photo of McCotter with the union label stamped on his head.

Anonymous said...

Isn't this one of Huckabee's guitar buddies that appears on his show? (I don't watch it....I've just heard and seen some clips.)

Should we be surprised that McCotter will "attack" Romney? Nevermind that his attacks have little or no truth to them.

Truth has no agenda.....but distorted truth and lies....does!

Anonymous said...

Ask McCotter about the GM bailout and he praises it. He is against bailouts except when money goes to his union consitutuents.

His campaign was DOA. But the UAW love him.


GetReal said...

Obama/Romney economy?

That's so nonsensical it screams "Bush League," and I don't mean the political family.

Anonymous said...

What a joke. So he should be bashing all the other candidates on the auto bailout because they all supported romney when he was questioned on the bailout in that last debate.