Sunday, July 10, 2011

Tax Litigation Attorney or Tax Collector?

I actually remember hearing about this during her 2006 campaign, but forgot all about it. As with many aspects of Bachmann's views or past record, not everything is as it seems. The left-wing media seems to ramping up the attacks somewhat as of late. However, the full scale attacks won't commence until Soros gives the word. I suspect it's all cued up and ready to go. It's going to be brutal.
You’ll never guess what Michele Bachmann, the rabble-rousing, tax-reviling, government-bashing idol of America’s tea party movement, used to do for a living.

Sue tax scofflaws for the Internal Revenue Service.

As she flexes her credentials as a Republican presidential candidate in a field of former governors and corporate executives, Bachmann is more likely to describe herself as a “former federal tax litigation attorney’’—as she did in her first nationally televised debate—than as a three-term member of Congress. But she rarely, if ever, mentions the one and only employer of her legal services: the U.S. Department of Treasury.

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BOSMAN said...

Thanks for the info RWN!

I was thinking that THIS SONG would probably be a more appropriate for Bachmann at her rallies.

Revolution 2012 said...

Maybe she'll try to justify this by stating that one of the 12 Apostles was a "Tax Man" until he found Jesus?

Anonymous said...

Palin Plots Her Next Move

Sarah Palin tells Newsweek 'I can win': Facebook and Twitter erupt

Anonymous said...

I don't care for Bachmann as a candidate, but this is not a valid reason to criticize her. Not at all.


Right Wingnut said...


Ha Ha!

You find LESS valid reasons to criticize Palin every day!

You're too funny.

Anonymous said...

RW, not really. Bachmann's employment for the IRS is nothing to criticize at all. I don't get it. There's a million other reasons to go after her.


Ohio JOE said...

RW, I have to lean towards Martha on this one. If you go down the road saying that just because Mrs. Bachmann worked for the IRS, she cannot be a tax-fighter President, than essentially nobody can be President. Some argue that Mr. Cain should not be President because he used to be in the banking industry. Just because there was corruption and shenanigans in the banking industry does not mean that in and of iitself, he should not be President. Mr. Cain is not my cup of tea, but that is another story. Unless, Mrs. Bachmann produce significant shenanigans herself while she worked there, it is nutty to hold this against her.

Anonymous said...

St. Matthew was once a tax collector. Are we saying that one of the Twelve Apostles did not have good moral character?

Chris said...

Martha should not be criticized because she is just performing her duties. I think we should all give her a chance to prove herself.

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form 2290 said...

Indeed. Even with all the speculations and allegations around, one must still go through due process. It's a right.

Alice Melbourne said...

Let's all give her another chance to prove herself and let's see what would gonna happened.

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Misie Williams said...

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irs form 2290 said...

Let see what happens, this usually doesn't work, but at least give it a chance, thanks for sharing the news though.