Sunday, July 10, 2011

Anti-Obama Political Videos

I found these political videos by icesaint2011. The production quality of the videos are excellent. I thought the weekend would be a good time to post them because usually there isn't much going on. Enjoy:

Obama's Utopia:
An attempt to wake up America on the economic peril and over-regulation this country is facing and to ask individuals to take personal responsibility on preparing for the coming storm of civil unrest, and government intrusion in our daily lives.

The Rights Of Man:
An attempt to explain the genius of the United States of America and what we have to do to get back to the fundamental principles of protecting individual rights.
This video shows the attack the Obama administration is pursuing against our "inalienable" rights. Be sure to watch to the very end.

The Obama Legacy:
An attempt to show that our political elite is selling us down a river by devaluing our currency, thereby initiating inflation. Prices aren't going up because of corporate greed, the political elite all over the world are devaluing fiat currencies to pay for debt they created. Hence the movement to precious metals ... something no government can print at will. Be sure to watch the end.

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Revolution 2012 said...

All 3 videos are very well done.

The 3rd one, "Obama Legacy is hot on Youtube now."