Saturday, July 9, 2011

WWJD? Huckabee tells Charlie Rangel that Jesus would Pay his Taxes

One of the things I always like about Mike Huckabee is his willingness to answer any question given to him. I also appreciate his quick wit.

H/T Mediaite

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Anonymous said...

that'a awesome!

Sue said...

Hey, did you hear what Charles Rangel said....'what would Jesus do about the debt crisis?' Sorry, Charlie...First of all, you need to read the Bible to find out what Jesus said. One thing He said, 'give to Caesar what is Caesars (government) and to GOD what is GOD'S. (GOD only asks for 10%) are you giving that Charlie? We are and more. And what is the government asking for? The wealthy pay 37% already. In fact Jesus also said, the poor you will have with you always.' And He didn't add, let the government of Caesar take care of them. So, yes pay your taxes EVERYONE, and that includes YOU, CHARLIE. Since you write our tax laws, don't you agree that you should also pay your taxes. But you failed to pay $75,000.00 on rental property at your Caribbean villa. So practice what you preach and don't use JESUS NAME in vain to promote your socialistic philosophy. Also, are you not in the party of Democrats who think it vile to mix church and state?....Why are you using it now to promote your sick banter on this issue! You folks like Nancy Pelosi using Holy Scripture when it suits you but living like hypocrites in our Capitol...stop the insanity!