Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Romney's been awfully quiet on debt ceiling negotiations

The Wall Street Journal wonders where Mitt stands on the debt ceiling negotiations. That's a valid question. Now that he's officially a candidate for the GOP nomination, he can't keep dodging these issues. Is he simply trying to run out the clock?

From the article:
But Mitt Romney, the Republican front-runner, has taken a subtler tack, avoiding the issue of the debt ceiling as he presses a more general assault on President Barack Obama's economic record. That has attracted the attention of his GOP challengers, who have begun to accuse him of ducking the most vital issue of the campaign so far.

"The current debate is about what kind of leadership you're going to show," former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum said in an interview Monday. "If you're running for president, you've got to show how you would handle a situation like this."

"The debt ceiling is a gut-check time for all Republicans on spending and size of government," said Alex Conant, spokesman for former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty. "Apparently, Gov. Romney is still checking his gut to figure out where he should stand."


Pressed for a comment on the debt-ceiling issue, Romney campaign spokeswoman Andrea Saul forwarded a statement that said, "President Obama is responsible for frightening new levels of federal spending and deficits.…A vote on raising the debt ceiling has to be accompanied by a major effort to restructure and reduce the size of government." That quotation dates to April.
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Anonymous said...

From the WSJ:

Mr. Romney signed the "Cut, Cap and Balance Pledge," sponsored by more than 100 tea-party and other conservative groups. It says the debt ceiling, now at $14.29 trillion, must not be raised unless it is accompanied by substantial and immediate spending cuts, caps on federal spending and a balanced-budget amendment to the Constitution that requires a congressional super-majority for tax increases.


Ohio JOE said...

First off, I am glad that you are attacking the more moderate wing of our party instead of our fellow Conservatives. The reason why Mr. Romney is quiet on the debt ceiling is because either A) he has no leadership or B) he does not want to cut spending and deal with the debt ceiling in the event that he becomes President. How are we to trust this guy in all seriousness if he cannot promote the cutting of spending and keeping the debt ceiling where it is without increasing it further.

TexasConservative said...

Romney has two negative views about him that he needs to overcome: flip flopping and lacking political courage.

By staying away from key issues, it continues the meme about Romney that he lacks political courage and that he waits to see how key issues are fairing in the polls.

Instead of just raising money for his campaign, Romney should be showing leadership-letting Americans know how a Romney administration would handle this economic crisis.

Ohio JOE said...

"Instead of just raising money for his campaign, Romney should be showing leadership-letting Americans know how a Romney administration would handle this economic crisis." That is because it is easier to get your rich friends to give you money than to deal with the important economic issues of the day.

Right Wingnut said...

Due the weak field, he most likely feels he can continue to shy away from controversial issues. He'll ultimately endorse whatever the republicans in the house and senate end up doing.

ConMan said...

He just signed Jim DeMint's ""Cut, Cap and Balance Pledge," I hardly call that being quiet on the issues.

BTW, That's one pledge, Bachmann should have signed.

He's also attacking Obama almost on a daily basis.

Romney is playing it the right way. Presidential! THAT'S WHY, he's the front runner.

Ohio JOE said...

"He's also attacking Obama almost on a daily basis." Being an attack dog does not in and of itself keep the debt ceiling from going up. Leadership is needed and for whatever reason, the male candidates (ironically) do not have. We are not asking to cut body parts (Martha) just spending.

BOSMAN said...

What he said! (Conman)

Massachusetts Conservative said...

Sorry desperate RomNots, but Mitt signed the Cut, Cap, and Balance Pledge.

That is MORE than enough to show his position on the debt ceiling.

You are just making things up to suit your flawed worldview.

Ohio JOE said...

"You are just making things up to suit your flawed worldview." No MA Con it is not a flawed world view to cut spending in order to keep the debt ceiling where it is. We tried with shovel unready jobs and we tried with bailing out the banks, but these actions did not create jobs. Let's quit the fooling and start the spending cuts.

TexasConservative said...

Signing a pledge means "I need this guy's endorsement so I have to sign on the dotted line."

Political courage is telling ALL Pledge creators that pledges are stupid, politically expedient, and a waste of time.

Wow- Romney signed a pledge.

But where is he on the campaign trail telling us how a Romney administration would handle the debt ceiling and cutting soc sec, medicaid and medicare?

Where is this economic guru you Romney supporters keep talking about?

I guess we will hear from Romney when it is all done and the polling data has come in.

MITT 12 said...

OJ needs to Google "Mitt Romney" every so often.

He's not being quiet!

You're just looking in the wrong places to hear what he's saying.

MITT 12 said...


He's to busy raising more money, lining up endorsements, and winning polls to keep everyone happy.

Massachusetts Conservative said...

Ohio Joe.

I support massive, deep spending cuts. So does Mitt Romney.

The "flawed worldview" I was talking about is how you think everyone with common sense is some kind of establishment crook who will say and do anything to get elected.

The fact is, Mitt said he would not increase the debt limit without a Balanced Budget Amendment, a GDP-based enforceable spending cap, and massive immediate spending cuts.

Where have you been?

Revolution 2012 said...

Last time I checked, Romney was the front runner.

What ever he's saying or NOT SAYING, keep it up!

Terry said...

This post is foolish.
Romney has been out front on issues.
Where have you been?

Ohio JOE said...

The fact of the matter is that Mr. Romney has little if anything to do with the Speaker of the House finally growing a pair. Mr. Romney may say he is for cutting spending, but what has he done to hold Congress accountable. The main reason that the Speaker is hanging tough is because the grass roots have been reading their Congressmen and the GOP executive the riot act 'DO NOT RAISE TAXES OR ELSE' and the female candidates are particularly been leading the charge to get Congress to smarten up.

BTW, common sense is not that common among the establishment especially since Mr. Bush left the scene. I used to be proud to look up to our party leaders, but no more.

Ohio JOE said...

"Last time I checked, Romney was the front runner." Yeah, but it appears he has lost a few point over the past few weeks or so.

Anonymous said...

Romney must be 'speaking softly and carrying a big stick'.

Romney is winning it. I'm sure the mo-mitt-tem will continue!


Ohio JOE said...

No, Ellie it is the people who have the stick. Mr. Romney is a non-factor.

GetReal said...

OJ seems to only care about the pledges Romney DOESN'T sign. If he signs a pledge, the pledge is meaningless. If he doesn't sign it, the pledge is crucial.

Anonymous said...

GetReal, that's what I was thinking.

People who say Romney is not serious about fiscal (or any other issue) has not bothered to read his book, or listen to anything he says.

Of all the candidates, Romney is the most prepared to actually do something about our fiscal problems.


Ohio JOE said...

Get Real, we need both Pledges and action. To use your anology. Our side is not the only side picking and chosing which pledge to sign.

GetReal said...

OJ, I don't believe Palin has signed any of these pledges (nor do I believe she is actually running, or will get very far if she does at this point.) I wasn't discussing her. Romney gave a valid reason for not signing the SBA pledge, and even though he gave his own very reasonable pro-life pledge you criticized him for it. Now people are criticizing him over not knowing how he stands on the debt-ceiling issue, when he sighed the pledge saying just that.

I'm just saying to make up your mind on the importance of pledges.

Anonymous said...

Romney is not getting in the mud slinging go on now between people who once campaigned for each other. I find it rather distasteful, yet enlightening on their character.

I find Mitt's character growing in my view as he deals maturely with the party eating its own. (Really, Republicans---TP, conservatives, religious???! You think THAT (beating up on each other) will beat Obama??!

Mitt has measurably MORE experience in creating jobs, taking deficits and turning them into sizeable positive balances. Mitt is not a fool on the damage defaulting on our debts would do. And, he knows that CUTTING is crucial.

Everyone needs to calm down. Romney is the tortoise right now......getting a good foundation. Come Labor Day...he'll be out! Some of the current ones are already out of steam, while some (IMO) are just in to beat up on Romney.

Instead of Romney.......why aren't we blasting Obama who is fearmongering those on SS??? He "can't guarantee" August 3 SS checks!!! He hopes they will all be calling Congress and making the Repubs back down!! Disgusting!!


Anonymous said...

Romney 2012!!

Right Wingnut said...

First off, I am glad that you are attacking the more moderate wing of our party instead of our fellow Conservatives.

OJ, Apparently, Ed Rollins didn't get that memo.

Ohio JOE said...

"OJ, Apparently, Ed Rollins didn't get that memo." Mr. Rollins is a character that I hope you do not wish you model yourself after.

Ohio JOE said...

"Instead of Romney.......why aren't we blasting Obama who is fearmongering those on SS???" Yes, why is not Mr. Romney blasting Mr. Obama on his tactics?

Anonymous said...

OJ, Romney does blast Obama on his tactics. Romney does call him out on these things--often. I guess we're just not posting them as often as we should, so you can read it.


Anonymous said...

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