Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Republican hairbrain scheme to steal the 2012 GOP nomination?

Several long-time Republicans dissatisfied with the crop of candidates running for president have developed an unorthodox plan to upend what they consider a flawed GOP nomination process.

The chaos envisioned by the anonymous drafters of the idea would be a brokered Republican National Convention that might even lead to the nomination of dream candidates like New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie or Florida Sen. Marco Rubio.

The Daily Caller obtained a copy of the plan—that relies on primary voters voting for none of the above at the ballot — on the condition that the names of the Republicans behind the effort not be named.
The full story is HERE.

My first reaction to this so=called plan is BULL S#!T!

So these CLOWNS are going to take it upon themselves to try and flim-flam their candidate into the nomination by THIS asinine plan.

I say, LEAVE IT THE WAY IT IS. If these Republicans don't like the field, find someone that you like and get them to run. I like the field JUST FINE. So do the supporters of those candidates who are in the field.

By the time the convention rolls around, these candidates will have put in a lot of time and hard work. ONE OF THEM will have earned the right to the nomination on merit and not some asinine, smoke-n-mirrors plot to steal the nomination.

BTW, I noticed NO NAMES attached to "The Mission". I don't blame anyone, I wouldn't want my name associated with it either. Because "The Mission" fails THE SMELL TEST.

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larry said...

That was the most ridiculous plan I've ever read.

So they want to have a vote in the primaries called something like, "None of the above and then assign delegates to them.

No thanks!

Anonymous said...

If they stole the nomination away from the primary voters in this manner, they can count on me voting for Obama. I don't care who they give the nomination to. This stunt would be the ultimate theft of democracy. But what should one expect from the kind of people who want to overturn the 17th Amendment.


Terry said...

I'm with you Dan.

If they do this, time to go 3rd party!

hamaca said...

They have the maturity of teenagers. They don't like anyone they've actually gotten to know, i.e. who has been thoroughly vetted. They're only enthusiastic about the ones who have NOT entered the race. Once someone does get in and their warts become visible, then it's no thanks, let's go look for another perfect, mysterious candidate who must be so much better than these others, yet has none of their flaws. Problem is, they'll be disappointed again and again until they grow and understand that no one is perfect.

Then, what if they pull off their little shenanigan and whoever they get in there turns out to be no better than, or even weaker than, the current group and we end up losing big time because of it?

Revolution 2012 said...

This has to be some small fringe group.

It almost smells like something Joe Miller would propose with those nuts he is hanging around with.

Anonymous said...

Somehow, the gop has forgotten that Obama has A LOT of flaws! The dems ignore them, but we are quite aware of them every day. Nobody is perfect, but we do have some candidates with way more experience in both the private and public sectors than Obama did when elected. We have got to grow up and stop looking for the dream candidate. The press will do its best to make all Republican candidates look bad, while ignoring the really awful things Obama has done and said.