Thursday, July 21, 2011

Mitt Romney Talks Jobs in L.A. (VIDEO 07-20-11)

Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney was expected to renew his criticism of President Barack Obama's handling of the economy during a campaign appearance in North Hollywood this afternoon.

The former Massachusetts governor recently accused Obama of having "the audacity of indifference" to Americans suffering during the economic downturn. The phrase is a play on the title of Obama's 2006 book "The Audacity of Hope."

"President Obama has failed us," Romney wrote last week to the Concord (N.H.) Monitor in response to an editorial. "Three years into his four-year term, 20 million Americans are out of work, have given up or are underemployed in part-time jobs.

"Home values continue to go down. Foreclosures are at near-record levels. Our national debt is skyrocketing -- President Obama is on course to add as much debt by the end of his term as all the former presidents combined. The president has made the recession worse and he made the recovery worse."
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larry said...

Another great outing by Romney.

These on the fly, off the cuff Q&A's are great.

Romney isn't afraid of answering any and all questions.

Revolution 2012 said...

I agree larry.

He is way ahead of the others with these mini press conferences and Q&A's.

Then add in the Town Halls and no one is doing anything like this.

Anonymous said...

yeah, palin won't do it unless the questions are predetermined and given her before so she can study and find the best scripted answers.

She will run but you all dont know that she has been studying up on the issues and preparing her statements for debates before she gets in.

Anonymous said...

Maybe if Tpaw did this he would get some traction?

Anonymous said...

Voted for Romney in 2008, voting for Romney again in 2012. Same reasons. Obama was a mistake, have to get him out before he does any more damage. Romney has what it takes to be a great president.