Saturday, July 23, 2011

Perry passes up Romney on Intrade

Looks like Mitt Romney has a race on his hands.

Rick Perry 31.5
Mitt Romney 30.2
Michele Bachmann 9.4
Jon Huntsman Jr 6.8
Tim Pawlenty 6.0
Sarah Palin 5.0


The Bookie said...

He won't move into first place until he's held the position for 48 hourd.

Tomorrow he'll be back at 20-23 at best.

Massachusetts Conservative said...

Sell Perry. Easy money.

Anonymous said...

Whoo hoo! Go Perry! Ha ha ha.


hamaca said...

This just made Texas Conservative's day!

Congratulations...I'm so happy for you!

I know you don't have a candidate in the race right now, so you're mostly focused on anything that could be bad news for Romney. Must be fun!

Anonymous said...

The new kid on the block. The "savior" everyone's been looking for.....until people start reading, thinking for themselves and not the media's push or the latest Christian bandwagon.

He's got a lot of smoke around him.....


Anonymous said...

TC, huckabee said animosity between he and romney has been sqashed,(tho i believe huck has a thing for romney still), maybe you should do the same.

Anonymous said...

hahahahaha PERRY 2012!!!!!!...NOT!

BOSMAN said...


Looks like all those smart Huntsman folks are betting on Perry now.

WOW, what intuition they have.

craigs said...

Interesting to look at the job creation numbers for Perry in Texas.
Texas created 29 % of all U.S jobs from June 2009 to May 2011. Pretty impressive....until you go to the BLS and look up the numbers.
The idea is to create good paying, non -farm manufacturing jobs, not minimum wage Burger King or cotton picking numbers.
Texas hourly wage rates for manufacturing in May 2011 are 46 in the nation,at $ 15.50 /hr, leading only Arkansas, Mississippi and Oklahoma. The average in the San Antonio Metro area is about $ 12 / hr. Massachusetts was 8 in the country at $ 20.65 / hr. So lots and lots of minimum wage jobs. What employer wouldn't want to move to Texas. If slavery were legal again, lots of employers would move to the ZERO labor cost states and employment would boom.
What are we focusing on in this country, employee wages or employer profits ???

Ohio JOE said...

Hello, the cost of living is a lot less in San Antonio. BTW, the slavery argument is a silly red herring.

Anonymous said...

Housing and gas, as well as other things, are much cheaper in Texas than here. Property taxes are higher, as well. There isn't any state income tax, so that's got to help, as well.

No, I don't love Perry, but you don't have to make as much in Texas as you do here in the Phoenix metro area to get by.

I imagine Perry will drop again soon. He's the latest "flavor of the month." He certainly has a lot of baggage, and I'm not sure that being from Texas is a real plus for him nationally, although I have nothing against Texas, personally. Two of my brothers live there.



TexasConservative said...

Anonymous-no animosity here. In fact, I passed along positive information re: Romney and the Israel Factor so that it could get posted by Bosman.

Israel Factor 2012: Mitt Romney is Leading GOP

But this site is called Right Speak. Not Romney Speak. And since intrade numbers have been posted here for both May and June, it seems only fair to include today's leap by Perry.

Instead of being anonymous, why not add your name and join in for continual conversation.

Anonymous said...

With perry, a fool and his money shall soon be parted.

Anonymous said...

but you can just call me anonymous, if i were to sign off each time as richard, would it make it better? would it be any different? would it make you know who iam? were all just a bunch of anons sitting behind screens and monitors.

Ohio JOE said...

"But this site is called Right Speak. Not Romney Speak." Shhhhh, don't tell the Ellieites.

craigs said...

I lived and worked in Dallas FTW for 5 years. I can certainly attest that the cost of living in THAT area is NOT 46 in the nation. But the wages are. By the way, San Antonio Metro is 50 out of 50. Go to the BTW and check it out.
And the slave point I made is NOT a red herring. Why did so many jobs leave the U.S for Japan and Mexico ? Why did those same jobs leave Mexico for Nicaragua and Japan for Indonesia. Obviously, looking to reduce labor costs as close to zero as possible.They are still looking.

Anonymous said...

OJ, I'm honored. But what exactly is an Ellieite?
Ellie (the first).