Saturday, July 23, 2011

RomneyCare Cost and Wait Time Visualization (Massachusetts vs. Georgia)


Anonymous said...

I don't know about the wait time in MA, but your not-so-subtle attempt to Obamacare ....nice try, RWN.

The above link provides good facts on what MA healthcare is NOT in comparison to the federal gov't takeover and control of our healthcare.

Anonymous said...

haha rw you either have no life or just desperate. Tell you what, when your bored with absolutely nothing to do,instead of typing in "mitt romney", type in "sarah palin" on youtube for some humorous and comic relief :D

Anonymous said...

Heh! You're embarassing yourself RightwingNut. You might wanna research more on this topic. Prior to RomneyCare, Massachusetts already 94% insured on health care. Romney was concerned about the 6-7% uninsured. That's why the cost of RomneyCare was approximately 1% of the State's budget. You go to any private hospital, no matter what states, you still experience a long waiting line, mainly due to other factors, ie illegal immigrants taking advantage of the system or lack of resources/nurses..etc. or due to cut backs bc of down economy. When I was in TX, I still experienced long waits in the hospital. Yeah, TX, a conservative state.

Ohio JOE said...

Marvelous video; I wish that my children's lego people looked more like the Georgia lego set than the MA lego set. Maybe I should mandate my children to buy lego insurance. Perhaps their lego bits would be in better condition.

I am certainly glad that I visited MA way back when it was still a capitalist state; my brother did not have to wait for medical attention back than. The fact that MA has good doctors and good technology is of no use if people has to wait too long. But the capper is that the cost of medicine in MA is thrice what it is in Georgia. That might be fine if the care was actually still good.

Further, this illustrates again that Mr. Romney has no concept of inflation. It is simply not reasonable to expect those in MA to pay that much for Health Care especially in this poor economy.

BTW, were it not for this health care debt, we would not even be debating the debt ceiling.

BOSMAN said...

I live in Massachusetts. If I or anyone in my family get sick, we call my doctors office, and within a day or two, we see the doctor.

Maybe ONLY DUMMIES (like in the video) are having problems seeing their doctors in MA.

If you don't choose a primary care physician (Many idiots don't) and rely on clinics or hospitals, your wait time may be longer.

Hey RWN, if I decide to make a HOMEMADE video criticizing something about Palin or Alaska, Does that make it true?

craigs said...

Ah Yes, Yet another presumed " hit job " on Mitt and "RomneyCare".....until you actually look at the real facts.
I live in Georgia. I lived in Massachusetts twice for 8 years. I found little or no difference between access times for physicians. BUT....
Let's look at what these guys are trying to distort.
1. The Kaiser Report sampled physician waiting time for " ROUTINE, Non -Urgent "medical care,;ie, a check up. Fifty days is actually pretty good. It's a lot longer than that here in Georgia.
2. 50 - 60 % of Mass Physicians DO NOT PARTICIPATE to the Mass Health Care program OR Commonwealth Care.
Now, to the "piece de gras"

The average wait time in 2005, before Romney Care was introduced was......get ready.....more than 42 days in Boston and up to 104 days if you lived in Essex County or Hampshire County, according to the Boston Globe on June 7, 2005. In this was for Primary Health Care, not a Check Up. So, the average wait time has actually come down by 50 % in Massachusetts.
Again, if you think you can see a Physician in 11 days in Georgia for a non urgent , routine check up, you are delusional