Sunday, July 17, 2011

Is Rick Perry THE ONE? Some may think he is

The more I read about Rick Perry, the more I learn about his bizarre connections with radical Christians. Here is the latest:
On September 28, 2009, at 1:40 p.m., God’s messengers visited Rick Perry.
On this day, the Lord’s messengers arrived in the form of two Texas pastors, Tom Schlueter of Arlington and Bob Long of San Marcos, who called on Perry in the governor’s office inside the state Capitol. Schlueter and Long both oversee small congregations, but they are more than just pastors. They consider themselves modern-day apostles and prophets, blessed with the same gifts as Old Testament prophets or New Testament apostles.
The pastors told Perry of God’s grand plan for Texas. A chain of powerful prophecies had proclaimed that Texas was “The Prophet State,” anointed by God to lead the United States into revival and Godly government. And the governor would have a special role.
The day before the meeting, Schlueter had received a prophetic message from Chuck Pierce, an influential prophet from Denton, Texas. God had apparently commanded Schlueter—through Pierce—to “pray by lifting the hand of the one I show you that is in the place of civil rule.”
Gov. Perry, it seemed.
Schlueter had prayed before his congregation: “Lord Jesus I bring to you today Gov. Perry. ... I am just bringing you his hand and I pray Lord that he will grasp ahold of it. For if he does you will use him mightily.”
And grasp ahold the governor did. At the end of their meeting, Perry asked the two pastors to pray over him. As the pastors would later recount, the Lord spoke prophetically as Schlueter laid his hands on Perry, their heads bowed before a painting of the Battle of the Alamo. Schlueter “declared over [Perry] that there was a leadership role beyond Texas and that Texas had a role beyond what people understand,” Long later told his congregation.
So you have to wonder: Is Rick Perry God’s man for president?
Read the full story HERE.

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Anonymous said...

He has a LONG list of why he would be a very RISKY GOP in the general election!! Wouldn't the dems have a hayday with all of the fodder that can be dug up on him??

This man is NOT "the one"!!!!!!!

Bob said...

That was one of the most bizarre articles I've read on Perry.

I wonder if he was serious when he referred to the term prophet when Neil Cavuto asked why he wasn't that popular in his state?

He said something like, Prophets are never popular in their homelands.

Marge said...

This is scary.

How could anyone consider Perry a viable candidate for President with all these religious issues floating around in his background.

Anonymous said...

And they say Mormons are freaks? Oooookaay. We're looking pretty dang normal, after these wackadoodles.

Doug NYC GOP said...

This guy will fizzle out just like all the other "white knights" or "gimmicky" candidates: Trump, Palin, Daniels, etc.

Closer To Home said...

Now I'm really confused. I thought Mike Huckabee was God's candidate.

BOSMAN said...


The thing that bothers me more than what these Christian radicals are telling him is, that my gut tells me HE BELIEVES THEM!

kelly said...

If he were the nominee, the Democrats would have a field day with this.

hamaca said...

So what do Bachmann and TPaw have to say about all this?

Are they supposed to gracefully withdraw if Perry gets in?

ConMan said...

Perry can't be to smart.

Lets assume he believes all this crap. How does he expect to win the general election. CONVERT everyone?

Anonymous said...

This is just like Palin and Huckabee. They too believed they were/are God's chosen one. Palin had a similar experience to this, and we know that Huck believed in miracles, not math, and that God was on his side.

But I will say this. At least Huck was only shamelessly using Romney's faith against him to get votes. It looks to me like Perry really believes he's a prophet with a job to do. Scary stuff, indeed.


Anonymous said...

I'm going to truly enjoy the Perry fizzle.


hamaca said...

Let the real vetting begin.

Anonymous said...

Perry says his political office is "a pulpit" that "God has put me in this place at this time to do His will."

Is he for real? He's going to make Huck look positively secular.


Anonymous said...

Here's another one:

“I’m not ready to tell you that I’m ready to announce that I’m in,” Mr. Perry told the Des Moines Register, the biggest newspaper in Iowa, which holds the nation’s first presidential nominating contest. “But I’m getting more and more comfortable every day that this is what I’ve been called to do. This is what America needs.”


Anonymous said...

Beware of false prophts.