Sunday, July 17, 2011

Shari'a-Ruled Emirates coming to a city near you?

"Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free."

Is the following an indication of how Muslims ADAPT to their new homelands? Should I file this under, COMING ATTRACTIONS?
A British Islamic group known for its provocative publicity stunts says a borough in northeast London will be the first target of a campaign to establish “emirates” in the country – Muslim enclaves where shari’a law is enforced.

Waltham Forest, an area identified in the most recent census figures available as having the fifth-biggest proportion of Muslims – 15 percent – of any local authority in England or Wales, has been singled out by radicals behind the group calling itself Muslims Against Crusades (MAC).
“As part of our Islamic Emirate Project, Waltham Forest is to be the first borough to be targeted for an intense shari’a led campaign, introducing the prospect of Islamic law for the Muslim community to abide by,” MAC said in a statement this week.

The project aims to “gradually transform Muslim communities into Islamic Emirates operating under shari’a law,” the group said.

“You are entering a Shariah controlled zone – Islamic rules enforced,” declares a poster supposedly to be distributed as part of the campaign.

The full story is HERE.

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Anonymous said...

"Is the following an indication of how Muslims ADAPT to their new homelands? Should I file this under, COMING ATTRACTIONS?"


Bob said...

The British Government has allowed this group to run rough shot for years. This is what they get for not putting their foot down;

And YES, this is what we can expect if we don't stop bending over and kissing their collective ass.

Anonymous said...

Start by only allowing women to wear Burkas on public streets.

In the work place, shopping, businesses, schools, when dealing with the public, NO! Everyone needs to be easily identified for everyone's safety.

Kelly said...

Dearborn, MI will be America's first Shari'a-Ruled Emirate.

Anonymous said...

This is the kind of thing that can lead to a real civil war. This may be a highly populated muslim area, but everyone in it is not muslim. I can't imagine how the other non-muslim residents feel about now.