Friday, July 15, 2011

Lawsuit filed against Rick Perry's Prayer Day

The Freedom from Religion Foundation, which unsuccessfully sued to stop a national day of prayer earlier this year, filed the case on behalf of 700 members in Texas.
The Freedom From Religion Foundation said that it does not oppose politicians taking part in religious services, but that Perry crossed a line by initiating the event, using his position as governor to endorse and promote it and by using his official website to link to the organizer's website. The plaintiffs also contend that Perry's use of Texas' official state seal to endorse the event and his plans to issue an official proclamation violate the Constitution.
The full story is HERE.

Here is a related video. Some of the religious fanatics participating in this event are guaranteed to BLOW YOUR MIND:

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craigs said...

My God,
True or not, if Perry brings this kind of baggage to a national campaign, it is a suicide drill and Obama will walk into a re election without breaking a sweat or spending a dime. Are we just crazy to consider nominating anybody that has this kind of background waiting for the media to tee up? Independents will race away from the GOP and Rick Perry. What are some people actually thinking ???


Noelle said...

I wish we would not make religion such a big part of politics.

Anonymous said...

Me too Noelle! But there it is with Perry smack dab in the middle of it. He's going for the 'one of us' voters in a way that even Huck didn't dare.

It kind of boggles my mind to think that this is a real strategy for a guy who's pretty strong in the polls.

I guess Perry will make a big splash if he enters, but I don't think he has staying power. My heavens, I hope not, or I might be in the wrong party.


Anonymous said...

Craig, I agree with you, and it is all true. This video doesn't even scratch the surface of the racist, bigoted and anti-gay things these people say.

What does it say about Perry that he hooks up with these folks? IMO, he's either in lockstep with their opinions, or he has really poor judgment.

You're right. Putting Perry up is a surefire way to lose.


Anonymous said...

God doesnt do politics. Unfortunately perry is hoping God's name will bring him in some votes (just like it did huckabee). Can anyone ever see Romney doing some like it? Never, and i would consider romney probably the most privately spiritual and humble candidate we have.

larry said...

You will be judged by the company you keep!

I think the Court case has merit.

He wasn't elected Gov to save souls or seek counsel from lunatics.

BOSMAN said...

The clips in that Maddow segment say's it all.

And I can't stand her. But her segment was SPOT ON with Perry including him developing policy based on his faith,


Anonymous said...

Forcing pre teen girls to get shots of guardsill to prevent a STD they would never get if they don't have sex before marriage, and have only one partner - their husband - is policy based on his 'faith'? is his 'faith' based on the the church of Merrick? or the church of cash from Merrick?

Anonymous said...

Ooh, good point, Ellie! I've thought that same thing.

Other great points on here, too, regarding the hypocrisy of SOME Constitution-loving-Christians. Total disrespect of Art. 6 when it comes to Mormons, but if it's "one of us", then it's good!

USING religion to "buy" votes.....disturbing!