Saturday, July 16, 2011

DNC not the first to point out Governor Romney was 47th on Job Creation

It is not just the Democrats who are pointing out that the state of Massachusetts was third from last in job creation during Governor Romney's tenure. Romney is hoping that his strategy of presenting himself as the expert on economics will give him the momentum he needs to win the Republican nomination. But with his government mandated healthcare plan, his flip flops on key social issues and now his own record, his road to the nomination is not as easy as he once thought.

Today the DNC came out with a new ad aimed at Romney's lack of job creation in the state of Massachusetts. But before Republicans get hung up on who made the ad, they should note that Romney has already been questioned on his actual record.

In June Greta Van Sustern interviewed Donald Trump and asked him if Romney's knowledge of the economy is overstated or understated?

Donald Trump answered saying "When he was governor of MA, MA was not a stellar state-3rd worst record of all the states in employment. A lot of jobs were lost during his tenure. And Frankly, he did not run for re-election for a second term because his poll numbers were so low."

This segment begins at the 6:20 mark and runs through 8:08:

Then we also have fellow Republican candidate Jon Huntsman who criticized Romney for his lack of leadership on job growth:
"I am here to tell you, as you evaluate and look at the candidates, simply analyze where it is they have been and what they have done and what kind of achievements they have to show from their time as a chief executive, and whether it is has applicability nationwide,"

"When you look at the absolute increases in job creation, Utah led the way in the United States in terms of job creation," he said. "That, compared and contrasted with certain other states like Massachusetts, which I will just pull out randomly, not first, but 47th."

As the primary battle heats up, more Republican candidates will attack Romney on his record. This is just a glimpse of what the Democrats have in store for Mitt Romney should he be the eventual nominee who goes up against President Obama.


Right Wingnut said...

TC...Taking the gloves off!

Way to go. Now if we can get someone other than Huntsman and McCotter to follow your lead, the primary electorate might actually learn about the differences between the candidates.

What a pathetic campaign so far.

Right Wingnut said...

But, I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for Bachmann or Pawlenty to take him on. They're both running for VP.

The field needs some new blood.

Right Wingnut said...

As you know, I'm no Huck supporter, but I respect that he doesn't pull punches in a campaign. No way would he let some of this stuff slide.

All of their records need to be scrutinized in order for the casual observer to make an informed decision.

Right Wingnut said...

By the way...Romney keeps saying we need more jobs (no shit), but he's yet to tell us what he plans to do about it.

hamaca said...

"It is not just the Democrats who are pointing out that the state of Massachusetts was third from last in job creation during Governor Romney's tenure.

This is factually incorrect. 47th is not third worst. It's fourth worst. 50th, 49th, 48th, 47th.


Btw, I seem to remember a certain commenter complaining about hit pieces by Romney's "minions" on a post at race. Let's see, oh, here's the quote:

Romney supporters are always talking about how Romney is the better because he does not sling mud when he is campaigning. But he has his minions who do it for him. Whether they are on cable news, an anonymous source in an article, or a fpp at a conservative site, hitpieces on Romney opponents keep coming, and it does not reflect well on Romney.

Scroll down to comment #10 there.

Might be worth a comparison--this post and that post. Which one is more of a hit piece?

So, Texas Conservative, whose "minion" are you?

Anonymous said...

Well we know one thing RW, He wouldn't QUIT before the job was done.

Right Wingnut said...


What an original and insightful comment.

Please share more of you wisdom with the class.

Anonymous said...

Study this completely and you just might learn something about the employment climate in Mass.

hamaca said...

Anon @ 9:38 PM,

What does your comment have to do with the topic of this post?

Agreed with RW that it's getting old. And stale.

TexasConservative said...

Alas, I am not anyone's minion. I do not have a dog in the hunt. Nor does it look like I will have one anytime soon.

Right Wingnut said...

TC, Since you're from Texas...what do you think of Perry? Would you consider backing him?

Anonymous said...

In order to understand Romney's record on jobs we need some context.

At the beginning of Governor Romney's term, Massachusetts was losing thousands of jobs every month. Under the previous administration, more than 140,000 jobs were lost in a deep recession. Under Romney, Massachusetts began to turn the corner. He moved to make Massachusetts a better place to do business by lowering taxes 19 times, streamlining regulations and enhancing incentives for businesses to move to the state. By the end of his administration, nearly 80,000 jobs had been created from the low point of the recession and the Massachusetts economy was on the rebound.


Anonymous said...

RW, Romney's seven principles of successful economies is a good place to start if you want to know what Romney would do for jobs. And beyond that, he's mentioned many specific things he would do.

The main thing he talks about is taking steps to ensure that businesses have confidence that the economy is going to improve so they can plan future expenditures such as hiring more people and buying equipment. Right now, they don't know what to expect from this administration and are holding back. Anything that improves the economic outlook will be favorable to jobs. Lower taxes, less regulation, etc.


Anonymous said...

Romney had a Democratic Legislature in Mass that was veto proof. Donald Trump wouldn't know anything about dealing with something like that as a Governor, he just pays off Democrats... Anthony Weiner, Chuck Schumer, Charlie Rangle and Harry Reid, for instance. (Are we allowed to say that? Thank you... )

And this is a talking point David Axelrod and Obama's minions have been spreading all over twitter etc. So nice of Trump to help him out. ;)

Right Wingnut said...


Yes. They need to know what tax rates will be 2, 3 and 4 years down the road. I get that. every other candidate hares his view on that.

My point is that I don't hear him articulating what he would do on the trail. He just keeps bashing Obama's record on jobs. As TC points out, Obama would have the perfect comeback for that line of attack.

Anonymous said...

Romney's ideas from No Apology:

Financial Strength

Promote small business and entrepreneurship by:

Lowering taxes, especially where there is “double taxation“,
Eliminating outdated and burdensome regulations,
Refusing to impose unions on employees,
Enacting tort reform,
Stop the trillion dollar deficits and spend only what we have,
Publish an annual balance sheet for the country,
Adopt dynamic financial regulations,
Reduce and simplify taxes, especially double taxes that depress job creation,
Adopt a “strong dollar“ strategy, including spending restraint and entitlement sustainability reforms,
Reform entitlements to make them sustainable in the long term,
Adopt an annual budget process for entitlements,
Reform tort liability to reduce the burden of frivolous lawsuits,
Stop any new “ Government Growing “ stimulus programs,
Get the government out of General Motors and other private companies.

National Growth

Increase our investment in science and basic research,
Promote trade and American goods and services,
Protect the rights of workers to vote by secret ballot,
Establish incentive and employer-based job training programs to help people find new and sustainable employment,

Encourage shareholders and boards of directors to adopt reasonable compensation and long-term incentives for CEO’s and executives,
Encourage the measurement of corporate CEO’s and union CEO’s on the basis of teamwork, productivity, and long term success of the enterprise.

This list is from CraigS


Anonymous said...

So yeah, RW. Lets see some other put a list together like that, and then have the skills to make it happen.

There's a reason Romney is leading.


Anonymous said...

And the thing is that Romney is talking about these things on the trail. Right now, he's doing a lot of fundraising, and a few townhalls. He said he's doing this through Sept.

After that, when the campaign heats up you'll hear more about these ideas. I think it's pretty silly, knowing Romney, for anyone to say that he doesn't have a plan.


Right Wingnut said...

Martha, yes that is a very impressive list of ideas.

The problem long as Mitt is content to focus on Obama's record of job creation, his own record will become scrutinzed that much more. It will sound something like this...

"You suck!"

"Oh Yeah? Well, you suck more!"

Why not just nominate someone who doesn't suck? ;)

Anonymous said...

Here's the Seven Principles that Noelle posted a while ago:

1. The corporate tax rate in the United States should be competitive with the rest of the world. Currently we, along with Japan, have the highest corporate tax rates.

2. Modernize regulations and get rid of the burdensome and overwhelming bureaucracy.

3. Trade policies that are mutually beneficial. Our trading partners should not be the sole beneficiaries of our trade policies. We must also benefit.

4. Energy policies that will establish "energy security" in the United States. We cannot continue to send billions of dollars to other oil producing countries. We need to use our own resources.

5. “The rule of law, to make sure that decisions of government aren’t made on the basis of crony capitalism but instead are based on fairness.”

6. Great schools. Our education is currently in the bottom third in the world. We need to develop our human capital.

7. The government must not spend more than it takes in year after year.


Anonymous said...

RW, I firmly believe Romney is prepared to answer every question whether it's jobs or healthcare, or FP. He's been working on this since 2006. People make fun of him that he's been running non-stop, but hey--at least the man knows what he is talking about, and has a plan.


Anonymous said...

While Massachusetts trailed the nation in job creation, it was among the leaders in productivity, an important measure of economic health. The state's level of labor productivity ranks 7th highest, and since 2001, it has grown faster than the nation's (11.5% versus 10.6%). In 2005, the productivity level of an employee in Massachusetts was $94,150 in real output per worker, compared with $83,920 nationally.

"Massachusetts is leading the country in the transformation to a knowledge-based economy and is a leader in its level of productivity. This is partly the result of changes in the type of jobs and advances in technology, as well as the high education levels and skills of the workforce," said Charles Baker, President & CEO of Harvard Pilgrim Health Care.

Facts are facts......47th.......but PRODUCTIVITY it was a LEADER.

If you are looking for truth, RWN, you might want to search for a few more facts.


Right Wingnut said...


Labor productivity doesn't put food on the table of the unemployed.

Anonymous said...

I think you kind of have to look deeper into the issue itself and not just the fact that "47th" place on jobs record is horrible. Im no expert, but there was job growth in MA under governor romney, romney could have created thousands of jobs and still remain in 47th place. You just cant really compare states in these types of stats, as each state is different. You cant compare stats for job growth on say MA and TX or NY and AK. It wouldnt be fair and doesnt make sense.

Noelle said...

As soon as someone references Donald Trump as a source, all credibility is lost with me. Have I mentioned before how much I can't stand that guy?

Anonymous said...

Romney does articulate on the trail a great deal. For example, he had a meeting on his health care plan for the nation with a power point presentation. USA Today printed it on their website and it was streamed live by CSPAN. What did you hear on Fox about it that day? No Apology... ;)

Anonymous said...

No, I am not voting for Perry... Wingnut, do you pay attention at all???

Ohio JOE said...

"Why not just nominate someone who doesn't suck? ;)" This is a concept that many Romneyites do not understand. They think it is a competition of who sucks the least. How about stopping the sucking. But, that would require growing up to do. The reason Mr. Romney likes to compare himself to Democrats is because he would not look as good if he had to compare himself to Republicans.

Anonymous said...

sarah palin does the most sucking, i agree with you OJ hahaha

Ohio JOE said...

No, anon, she is actually one of the few adults in the room. Again something that the childish Romneyites fail to grasp. "Whaaaaaa, I don't want to eat my peas" Says the Romneyite.

Anonymous said...

For those of you actually interested in details, here are a couple of clips...

Romney's Health Care Speech

Townhall in NH July 14

We have serious problems in this country and no more time for fools. Do more, talk less, boys.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see Condi Rice run as VP with Mitt.

In the Palin family, Todd is the one with brains, courage and business experience. I think he's interesting as a candidate for Congress or Senate, better than Joe Smith.

Trump is not interesting.

Anonymous said...

Saying that Massachusetts ranked 47 in employment is sloppy. The ranking is not overall employement but is the number of jobs added. Nothing in that ranking tells you how many jobs were lost or when all was totaled if it was a net gain or loss. It happened to be a net gain of 50,000 jobs in 4 years.

Nor does it lead you to understand the unemployment rate when he left office was 4.7 down from 5.6 when he first took office. Now for the DNC to criticize 4.7% unemployment is utterly laughable!

Wish Obama had been as dismal a failure!


Anonymous said...

If RW thinks Romney has yet to say how he would work to promote jobs its because RW isn't listening.

Have you ever heard Romney's "7 habits of highly effective economies". Each of the seven are specific directions he would take to strenghthen the economy to add jobs. Just about every townhall or forum he mentions it. Must you have your earplugs in RW?