Sunday, July 17, 2011

Mike Huckabee has kind words for Mitt Romney and is open to VP spot

Mike Huckabee talked with Laura Ingraham Friday night on The O'Reilly Factor. What I found most interesting about their conversation started at about the 4:20 minute mark:

Romney / Huckabee in 2012?

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Anonymous said...

Me thinks Romney will have the last laugh.


Anonymous said...

haha he can get on the bandwagon all he wants, but romney wont even consider it.

I do find it funny that God told huckabee that he should not run for president (huckabee's reason for not running), but then I guess God is telling that being a VP is ok. LOL...Huckabee is a joke, and he will be indirectly using his show to promote somebody, anybody that can beat mitt romney.

craigs said...

I personally think Huckabee would be very close to the top of any Romney VP list. Romney is a pragmatist, like Kennedy. Kennedy hated Johnson, but he wanted to be elected. He picked LBJ....and still only won by 100,000 votes. Without LBJ, he certainly would have lost. So Huckabee brings a LOT of marbles to Romney's game


Bob said...

I hope Romney would not choose him

A VP should be someone you trust who you believe is looking out for your best interest and not their political future or making you a 1 term President.

Anonymous said...

Craig, I agree that Romney is pragmatic enough to consider it.

But I don't think he's going to amke the cut. I think he has too much baggage that can be used against the ticket, and I just don't think he's Romney's kind of guy.


Anonymous said...

Reagan chose George H. W. Bush as his VP, although there was plenty of animosity there, as well. At least George H. W. has class, as did Reagan.

I'm not sure Huckabee demonstrates that kind of class, but I do think Romney is pragmatic enough to consider him for VP. I have serious doubts about whether Huck will make the cut or not. Romney is a pragmatist; he will do what he thinks will work. I know that it's not very appealing to many idealogues, but I think it has been a key factor to many of Romney's successes. I have also heard Romney described as a "fiscal disciplinarian," which I think is also accurate. Imagine having a guy in the WH--after our current President--who actually understands how to budget!