Saturday, July 16, 2011

CBS: The Drive to the Nomination


Anonymous said...

Bosman, this is comical. Why is Huntsman ahead of Pawlenty, and why is Pawlenty behind Palin who isn't even running. And what the heck is Perry doing right behind Mitt.

A load of hooey, including moving Mitt back because of Bain. Ha ha. Romney created 488,000 jobs. That pirate story over at MittRomneyCentral is a really good explanation of Romney's record at Bain. Can we get that posted here?


Noelle said...

The origin of the pirate story is actually the site "America Needs Mitt."

Mike Sage, the author of that blog, has a lot of good stuff over there.

The pirate article is told in a humorous way. Another article, written more seriously, but also deals with Mitt's business chops is

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Noelle. I'll check it out. That site is a great source of info on Romney.