Friday, July 15, 2011

Boston Herald: C'mon Mitt...the 'regular guy' schtick isn't fooling anyone

In 2008, Mitt Romney's image was mocked by Mike Huckabee as that of "the guy who laid you off." Unfortunately for Mitt, that image has stuck in the minds of a majority of potential GOP primary voters.

In a shameless effort to remake himself as a 'regular guy,' he's done everything from driving a beat up pickup truck to campaign events, to relegating his typical business attire to the closet. He's even gone as far as to tell people he shops at Wal-Mart. I doubt it. And then there was the hilarious tweet he sent out with a photo of himself washing dishes. Or should I say "dish." Yes, there was only one dish in the sink. He even messed up his hair for the occasion. "Hey, look at me everone! I'm washing dishes!" How authentic.

Anyway, none of this is lost on the Boston Herald. They know Mitt best, and can spot the phoniness a mile away. Mitt may as well park the truck in the garage, re-hire the butler, and don the expensive suits again for the duration of the campaign. He's not fooling anyone.
He’s admired for his perfect hair and polished style. It’s when Mitt Romney tries to be a regular guy that he runs into trouble.

The former Bay State governor and multimillionaire has made a string of quirky campaign missteps that have pundits questioning his ability to relate to the common voter. Some have even dubbed him an “awkward” candidate struggling with an identity crisis as his latest bid for the Oval Office kicks into high gear.

From pretending a waitress pinched his behind in New Hampshire, to cracking jokes about being “unemployed,” to pulling out a $100 bill in a Colorado restaurant, Romney has raised eyebrows with a series of stumbles as he stumps in the harsh glare of the national spotlight.


"Mitt Romney’s awkwardness on the campaign trail is perhaps not just because he fails to connect with voters and what they are going through in their daily lives, but because he knows deep down that what he is selling about his record on jobs and the economy just isn’t true.”

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Doug NYC GOP said...

I'll save people the trouble of reading the BH article, to get the real takeaway on this non-issue.

From BH:

“What’s really happening is the scrutiny is getting more intense on Mitt because he’s clearly the front-runner,” said Republican consultant Rick Wilson. “He’s the guy that seems to perform best against Obama.”


"But Wilson called Romney’s recent gaffes “minor” and said there has yet to be a defining moment for the presidential hopeful. “These aren’t egregious sins. I think most of this is just silly season stuff,” he said."

Silly indeed.

Anonymous said...

wow! this article is really just not true! the pick up truck is the romneys that they use at their vacation home(he is frugal with his money. and doesn't spend where there's no need)he drives a mustang for heavens sake not a jaguire! he and ann still make homemade dinners and have regular family parties. i have no doubt what so ever that he shoppes at walmart and target! anyone that really knows mitt they know that he does not waste money. they also know that he DOES help ann around the house. he has been called the best business man in northern america...with that like all business men they wear suits all day long! but i know that when he is with family and friends outside of work he wears jeans just like the rest of us! mitt is a millionaire that CAN relate to the average worker because he and ann started from the bottom also. i think it is intersting how not one anti mitt person can come to grips with the fact that mitt and ann even though they are rich now...actually worked for it and it was mitt's business intuitive that made the money!hence....he IS the right person for the WH at this time in america. geeezzzz! and if he can not relate to the average american...then why in the HECK IS HE WINNING OVER VOTERS EVERYDAY...PUSHING HIS LEAD IN THE POLLS UP AND UP AND UP! AND IS THE ONLY CANDIDATE THAT POLLS SHOW CAN BEAT OBAMA! i amsorry...i don't want the average joe plummer to be prez of america. i want someone that can inspire us all to elevate ourselves and our situations and has the proven track record that can bring america back from this economic dissaster! mitt 2012!!! keep up the good work mitt!

Anonymous said...

Did Mitt really send out a tweet showing him washing dishes? If so, I think that is going a bit far . . .

Ha ha!


Anonymous said...

But, in fairness to Romney, I think he actually is as regular as it gets for a man in his position.

After 4 years of reading about him, I don't get the idea that the trappings of wealth and success really matter all that much to him, and I don't doubt Romney does the dishes.

I don't think he shops at WalMart much though, as his story about it seemed like he's only been there once. Hey, I don't shop at Walmart much either. Can't stand the place, but if there's a bargain for something I need, I will go there.

Looks like it's getting harder and harder to find something that can slow down the Romney train.


Massachusetts Conservative said...

You know what? I once was an ardent supporter of Mitt Romney, but after reading this post, I have made the determination that Mitt is unquestionably incompetent.

This post made it clear to me that Mitt is unable to create jobs.

Right Wingnut said...

Mass Con,

What aspect of his record of governor has you convinced that Mitt can "create jobs." The stats are well documented.

Massachusetts Conservative said...

Right Wingnut

Mitt helped start and turn around hundreds of companies that employ roughly 500,000 people.

It's pretty simple to make the case for Mitt's presidency:

He knows how business works. He understands deeply, and specifically what causes jobs to come to America and leave America. He's been in the thick of things, on the ground. Not just in a governor's mansion or a Congressional floor.

This experience puts him in a unique position to craft solutions, especially trade deals and tax reforms, that create the environment for job creation.

The environment was not created in Massachusetts, because it was impossible. Even Reagan could not have created a pro-jobs climate in MA. It is hopeless.

Mitt can achieve his goals in Washington, where both houses of Congress will soon be controlled by Republicans. These Republicans will be eager to follow Mitt's credible lead toward reducing the burden of government, starting with Obamacare's repeal.

But of course, Mitt has unique credibility on leading tax reform, where he understands and has dealt specifically with the tax code, and had to compete with government-advantaged businesses, as well as lead them.

Obama doesn't have a Goddamn clue how to lead tax reform. He has to listen to corrupt, Washington-insider advisors and special interest groups, along with Pelosi and Reid.

Mitt, on the other hand, can come up with ideas himself, ones that make sense, and ones he can make the case for in an objective and rational way.

Mitt's experience in the private sector has allowed him to intricately understand jobs, economics, and taxes in a way no other politicians in the race do.

And that's why he'd make a great president.

BOSMAN said...


When looking for a potential President, I'm not looking for cool. Just competence!

Right Wingnut said...


It sounds like you're acknowledging the lameness of Mitt's 'regular guy' strategy.

I understand what he's trying to do, but most rational people see right through it. I seriously think he'd be better off just being himself.

I'm not suggesting he pull up in a Rolls Royce, but the pick up truck stunt was an obvious take-off of Scott Brown. And I agree with Martha. Tweeting the photo of himself 'washing dishes' was a bit much.

Laura Ingraham told him to loosen the tie, and mess up his hair once in a while. He's taken that advice a bit too far, IMO.

Jaxemer11 said...

Is that the best you can come up with? Mitt is a phony because he watches dishes? If that is the toughest criticism he is getting right now I think he has to be in a pretty good position.

hamaca said...

If Mitt's truck, dishes, jeans, etc. are phony, can someone please enlighten us how he actually lives. Surely there's documented evidence.

Where's his secret Mercedes? Where are the butler, maid, and other household help--in hiding? Where are the pics showing him in a suit when vacationing, sleeping, etc.?

Hopefully it's not a case of "he's rich, therefore he must live the way other rich people live". That's not evidence.

For someone so concerned about false stories about their own candidate, it's surprising to see something like this.

Massachusetts Conservative said...

Wow, awesome hamaca

Anonymous said...

WOW!..If this is the all you got rw, i say mitt is doing pretty good. What a joke of a post this is, just like your "midnight" movie.

Lets see, the truck is mitt's, he does do yardwork and drives the john deere around his property, im sure he helps his wife and does dishes from time to time. I would say he has ditched the suit and tie on his his daily doings, but thats because of a few idiots who seem to think that now proper grooming and attire is now ridiculed as an out of touch american with the average people.

Doug NYC GOP said...

With 5 sons, 5 daughters in law and 147 grandchildren, why on earth wouldn't the man shop at Wal-Mart? They have great prices and obviously the Romney clan would bneed a lot of thing.

Too funny the stuff people come up with.

Anonymous said...

right, i can see the romneys going to walmart, and doing everyday normal stuff, its people like rw that try and make a big deal out of nothing.

I remember seeing homemade videos of romney taking his toddler sons out on the tractor and mowing the lawn, his hair was messsed up and he was wearing jeans and sweat soaking his tshirt. But then im sure the video was all a political stunt to show hes an average guy. RW cant wait to read your next BS of a post.

Right Wingnut said...

I added a "Humor" tag.

Is that better?


Doug NYC GOP said...

Better late than never, I guess. :)

Although, I beleive the majority of the opinion here already wasn't taking this stuff seriously themselves, they just couldn't believe you were.

Gotta go ring for the butler no to get my breakfast.....