Friday, July 15, 2011

Mitt Romney's Style: Learn and Lead!

The Romney 2012 Presidential Campaign is running “leaner and meaner” than they did in 2008, while continuing to hammer the President on his failed economic policies. The focus and intensity comes from a proven business and political leader, who knows how to correct mistakes. Romney is applying the lessons of his 2008 run to his 2012 behavior.

The “leaner” aspect is evident in the trimmed down staff Romney is utilizing in New Hampshire, where despite establishing a smaller staff foot print, Romney is making a big push. The “meaner” is the relentless hammering of President Obama’s disastrous mangling of the economy. Today, Romney blasted Obama, who stated in a CBS News interview this week, Americans were “stressed out” over the state of economic affairs.

"Yes, Mr. Obama, Americans are stressed - stressed about rising unemployment, falling home prices, and an economy that isn't working for them,"  Romney said in a statement. "Not since Jimmy Carter have we seen such failed economic policies. Who would have guessed we'd look upon the Carter administration as the good old days?"  

Romney has been leading the charge in challenging Obama on the economy, and it seems to be paying dividends for him. In a series of polls released the past weeks, Romney is leading or tied with Obama in states like Florida, New Hampshire, Iowa and North Carolina and Pennsylvania. These are states Obama won in 2008 and will have to work hard to hold onto.

While Romney is focusing on winning, in order to fix the nations problems, it’s amusing to see the lefty media and their cohorts on the disgruntled Right, obsess about his campaign style. While the hares focus on the flashy, silly and ultimately inconsequential; the Tortoise is hard at work and winning the race.

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Anonymous said...

Great stuff, Doug.


BOSMAN said...


And the Tortoise ALWAYS WINS!

Noelle said...

I was a Romney supporter in 2008, but I've become a huge fan/supporter in 2012. While not perfect, Romney demonstrates to me again and again that he is the right man for the job.

Romney 2012!