Wednesday, June 15, 2011

PPP Polling: "The first tier is Mitt Romney. The second tier is everyone else"

November 2012 is a long way off but at this point PPP's national polling is finding 2 tiers of electability for the Republican Presidential candidates. The first tier is Mitt Romney. The second tier is everyone else. Our monthly national poll finds Romney within 2 points of Barack Obama at 47-45, the closest he's been in 7 months. The rest of the Republicans tested all trail the President by double digits.
Romney's improved standing against Obama is another sign of his increasing strength with GOP voters. Obama's level of support is pretty similar to where it's been throughout the year but Romney's gone from a 64 point lead with Republicans (77-13) on our last national poll to now a 77 point advantage with them (86-9) on this one. GOP partisans are increasingly saying that whether they support Romney in the primary or not, they're happy to vote for him in the fall.
Favorable/Unfavorable/Not sure:

Mitt Romney 37/47/15 (-10)
Tim Pawlenty 25/42/33 (-17)
Herman Cain 20/38/41 (-18)
Sarah Palin 29/59/12 (-30)
Newt Gingrich 16/68/16 (-50)

Head-to-Head: (Obama/Candidate/Undecided)

Mitt Romney 47/45/8 (-2)
Herman Cain 48/38/14 (-10)
Tim Pawlenty 50/39/11 (-11)
Newt Gingrich 52/39/9 (-13)
Sarah Palin 52/38/10 (-14)

If you are a Democrat, press 1. If a Republican, press 2. If you are an independent or identify with another party, press 3.

Democrat 40%
Republican 35%
Independent/Other 25%
PPP surveyed 520 American voters from June 9th to 12th. The margin of error for the survey is +/-4.3%.
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zeke said...

I don't see anyone catching Romney. That includes those who may enter later.

glenn mercer said...

Once again they are over sampling Democrats.