Wednesday, June 15, 2011

NBC-WSJ Poll: Mitt Romney the Clear Fruntrunner

Regarding the GOP contest to challenge Obama in November 2012, Romney leads the Republican pack — and by a sizable margin.
In a 10-candidate trial heat, Romney gets support from 30 percent of GOP primary voters. He’s followed by Palin at 14 percent, ex-pizza chain head Herman Cain at 12 percent, Perry at 8 percent, Paul at 7 percent and Gingrich at 6 percent. Next come Pawlenty and Santorum at 4 percent, Bachmann at 3 percent and Huntsman at 1 percent.
In a smaller trial heat consisting of just six Republican candidates, Romney’s lead jumps to 43 percent, with Paul and Bachmann at 11 percent, Santorum at 9 percent, Gingrich at 8 percent and Pawlenty at 7 percent.
Let me read you a list of people who might seek the 2012 Republican nomination for president. If you were voting today in the 2012 Republican primary for president, which one of the following candidates would you favor? (READ LIST. RANDOMIZE. IF "NOT SURE," ASK:) Well, which way do you lean? (ACCEPT ONLY ONE ANSWER.)^

Registered Voters: (April 2011 Results)

Mitt Romney 30% (21)
Sarah Palin 14% (10)
Herman Cain 12% (-)
Rick Perry 8% (-)
Ron Paul 7% (-)
Newt Gingrich 6% (11)
Tim Pawlenty 4% (6)
Rick Santorum 4% (3)
Michele Bachmann 3% (5)
Jon Huntsman 1% (-)
Other/Not sure 11%

Condensed Field::

Mitt Romney 43%
Michele Bachmann 11%
Ron Paul 11%
Rick Santorum 9%
Newt Gingrich 8%
Tim Pawlenty 7%

Head-to-Head: (Obama/Candidate/Other)
(Registered voters)

Mitt Romney 49/43/8 (-6)
Tim Pawlenty 50/37/13 (--13)
The NBC/Wall Street Journal poll was conducted of 1,000 adults (200 reached by cell phone) from June 9-13, and it has an overall margin of error of plus-minus 3.1 percentage points.
The full story is HERE.
The crosstabs can be viewed HERE.


zeke said...

Those are very impressive numbers for Romney.

Anonymous said...

Econ/yougov presidental poll: Palin leads Romney by 6 points
National poll of GOP presidential contenders conducted between June 11-14 of Republican voters by Econ/yougov using the interactive method of polling:
















If you examine the last 7 conventional national polls of the GOP presidential contenders Cain, Bachmann and Pawlenty are all polling with Econ exactly what they averaged with them.

A part of the poll was conducted after the debate, and a person who did not attend leads the horse race.


Anonymous said...

Is that a Russian polling out fit?

Anonymous said...

Yugov is Yugoslavian.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Interactive poll. Whatever brings you comfort.


corep said...

i'm with martha. seriously you are quoting an interactive- manipulate your cookies and vote again - poll.


Anonymous said...

This is sad for Pawlenty. Perry, who isn't even in gets 8. I can't believe that.


Anonymous said...

Is this poll taken after the debate?

BOSMAN said...

The poll was taken June 9-13.

So it was taken before.