Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Mitt Romney lets his hair down

Very rarely to we get a peek at the lighter and funnier side of Mitt Romney. Here he is having some fun with fans on the campaign trail in New Hampshire yesterday:

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Anonymous said...

Very funny.

He needs to show this side more often.

Anonymous said...

Oh man. I didn't like this at all. I read about all the other jokes that fell flat, too. Not a good thing, IMO.

It's a fine line, but some of it just isn't necessary. Be friendly, Mitt, but stop the dumb jokes. I know, I know, people said he's too stiff. But I really hope we don't have another who let the dogs out moment.

Of course, the media is just looking for something---anything to find fault with. This speaks volumes about how tough it is to lay a glove on the Mittster.


Ohio JOE said...

Well, this is not going to make me change my point of view on policy matters such as mandates, but it is nice to see the human side of Mr. Romney.

Noelle said...

Martha, like it or not, Mitt has a corny sense of humor. When he is relaxed and having fun, dumb jokes are going to happen. It's part of who he is. Ann Romney has said as much.

I guess I'm pretty comfortable with dumb jokes because I have a pretty corny sense of humor myself, and so does my own dad. I've been exposed to dumb jokes my whole life, and I'm sad to say that I actually think they're funny.

Anonymous said...

Noelle, yeah maybe. I think he just had a tad too many that were not funny at all yesterday.

No big.


Anonymous said...

I bet if they interview the ladies, the one on his left will admit to she miscalculated Mitt's height, went lower then the arm of the lady on the right and ended up with her hand on his back pockets. Romney just played with the surprise like any of us would have done.

I don't think it was a "joke" as much as an exaggerated reaction in levity.

zeke said...

I think incidents like this help him shake the formal image many have of him.

He has a good laugh, he should use it more often.

Anonymous said...

Who is pretending to be Martha lately?