Sunday, June 12, 2011

Does Tim Pawlenty suffer from MEMORY LOSS when it comes to Mitt Romney and Romneycare?

Here he is on Fox News Sunday today:

Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty said in a 2006 speech that mandated health insurance was a "potentially helpful" -- but incomplete -- solution to the problem of the uninsured.

Pawlenty described a Massachusetts-style mandate in his speech as "a worthy goal and one that we're intrigued by and I think at least open to," but suggested that the central health care problem was not forcing people to buy insurance but helping them afford it.

Read the full story HERE.

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Sam from MA (Massachusetts Conservative) said...

Awesome Bosman. Thanks for posting.

Right Wingnut said...



I told you guys! I've been watching this guy for 10 years. He will cut his opponents off at the knees if he has to. He's not the "Mr. Nice Guy" people have been making him out to be.

It won't be long before TPaw is public enemy #1 in Romneyville.

Right Wingnut said...

Still pissed at Palin?

BOSMAN said...


I actually LOVE him doing this.

What does he say up on the stage in NH when he condemns Romneycare, and Romney, or EVEN SOME OTHER CANDIDATE, Quote him from 2006?

Can you say, DUH!

Right Wingnut said...


TPaw may be boring, but he is very, very smooth. He can wiggle his way out of just about anything, and he rarely makes a gaffe. Romney will have his hands full with him. Mark my words.

Anonymous said...

Thank You!!! The truth can be a powerful thing if it is allowed the light of day!

Noelle said...

Tim Pawlenty suffers from selective memory.

His lack of charisma has probably served him well because the media has not given him much attention. I'm sure as the campaign progresses, there will be plenty of issues that cause Pawlenty problems. He has avoided it so far because he doesn't generate much interest, but the longer he stays in, the more there will be.

Pablo said...

I am quickly souring on Pawlenty. His economic proposals this past week were a complete joke. And then he criticizes Romney for health care, when in fact, Pawlenty did nothing in his own state and is on record for having praised Romneycare in the past. He is pandering.

larry said...

Pawlenty really does look like a fool now.

Doug NYC GOP said...

1) ObamneyCare is pretty cute. We'll see if it has egs.

2) The use of the quip by TPAW shows he is growing desperate - Cain's Surge, Palin freezing the field and fueding with Bachmann taking news time/space and the image every has of him as a radish (Think about...who remembers the radish on your sandwhich plate?)

3) I have to laugh at the anti-Romney folk who are always so eager to point out to us Romneyites, that eventually Mitt would be attacked. DUH, we knew that all along and are prepared for it. Rather than cry like a baby with a dirty diaper, we get out the facts (see Bosman's posting the 2006 TPAW vid) and battle on.

We are the PAPA Grizzlies!

Anonymous said...

well looks like pawlenty has grown a pair and threw a jab at romney, haha, now romney will kick his ass in the debate!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, just not feeling the T-Paw, and I don't think many people are.

He sort of looks good on paper, but in real life is not much more than annoying.

RW, it doesn't really matter how brutal he gets if no one is paying attention.


Doug NYC GOP said...

Coming Soon to a theatre near you...

Tim Pawlenty in The Man Who Never Was.