Sunday, June 12, 2011

UNH-Boston Globe Poll: Mitt Romney 32 points ahead of other GOP in NH

With seven GOP contenders gathering to debate for the first time in New Hampshire tomorrow night, a Globe poll conducted by the University of New Hampshire Survey Center confirmed that Mitt Romney continues to hold a commanding lead over his Republican rivals, although the great majority of likely voters said they remain undecided.

But it is the slow-to-recover economy, more than the emerging primary race, that is uppermost in the minds of New Hampshire voters.

Poll Taken June 1-8, 954 randomly selected adulfs (318 likely Dem voters, 424 likely Rep voters, 212 non-primary voters) MOE (total +/-3.2%, Dem +/-5.5%, Rep +/-4.8%).

The full story is HERE.
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Massachusetts Conservative said...

Gotta love the total idiots in the Republican Party who still approve of Obama, and love Obamacare.

What a joke.

BOSMAN said...


Rudy WHO?????

Doug NYC GOP said...

Health Care only important to 8%.....HAHAHAHAHHAHA