Sunday, June 12, 2011

Romney Vs. Talk Radio

There is some cheery news from Ben Smith for those of us who hate talk radio. Apparently, the people who drive fear and protest for cash have not really taken a shine to the former governor of Massachusetts.
First, Hewitt oddly brackets the most important talk radio figure. While Rush Limbaugh may have criticized Romney, he writes," Rush's vigorous criticism of Romney on these issues is a far, far degree from Smith's lead description."

Limbaugh, who says he likes Romney personally, also said "bye bye nomination" last week. This doesn't strike me as cutting against the thesis that Romney is the "punching bag of the conservative media, though it isn't personal ridicule. 

So to make sure I hadn't dreamed up those more vitriolic talk radio segments, I devoted an arduous 15 minute Google search to checking the claim. 

Here's Michael Savage, the fourth most popular talker, after Limbaugh, Hannity, and Beck: "Romney again is leadership whatsoever....he's not been there for us for years...he has no right to run for the presidency."

Mark Levin, the seventh most popular talker in the same Talkers Magazine list, said recently Romney "basically destroyed health care in the Commonwealth of Massachsetts." He continues, "In Iowa he’s for ethanol subsidies [and] in New Hampshire he’s for controlling man-made global warming. I can’t support this man in the Republican Primary. There’s just no way without compromising all my principles."

"If we don't break out of this next-guy-in-line RINO stuff, the society's going to go to Hell," he said.
Neal Boortz, 11th on the list (and seventh of the conservatives on the list), tweeted a few weeks ago, "Romney didn't own up to RomneyCare mess. Romney doth therefore become as charred bread," a theme on which he elaborated here.

I'm not sure how you don't pull "untrustworthy flip-flopper" and "grandfather of the hated Obamacare" out of those clips.  And I'm not even cherry-picking the real haters lower on the list. Influential regional radio figures, like Boston's Howie Carr (51) and Atlanta's Erick Erickson, who just picked up Herman Cain's show, have been extremely tough on Romney. 

That's the result of a very cursory search of top talkers, most of whose work isn't on Google. I've heard other riffs I can't quote from memory; and I'm also just quoting hosts here, not the range of talk radio guests, who include many Romney foes.
This is great news. Is it showing how irrelevant talk radio is becoming? While they blast Romney, Romney remains way at the top of the polls. Of course, it is early and Romney could collapse, but at least for now, there are a lot of people who listen to talk radio and simply don't agree or they just don't listen to talk radio.

Reality-based, governance-minded conservatives has a chance.

By the way, when Rush Limbaugh wails on Romney, it only makes Romney more electable in a general election. Any foe of Rush is a friend of the 75% of the country that hates Rush.


Anonymous said...

Idiots like rush limbaugh and mark levin have completely been swayed and fallen for the sarah palin *wink*

Doug NYC GOP said...

I think the Conservative Talk Radio field is split, along a Palin fault-line. Those who want Sarah are going to paint Romney in the McCain mold, no matter how hypocritical, considering they all backed him in 2008.

More open minded thinkers/talkers will perhaps disagree with Romney on SOME policies or past decisions, but will be fair, considering he has the best shot of beating Obama.

BTW Rush, Hannity and Levin's ratings are down 30% in latest Arbitron book.

BOSMAN said...

Pablo, I couldn't help myself.
Discard at will!

BOSMAN said...

BTW, I just read somewhere that Limbaugh has lost 30% of his listeners in the past 6 months.

Anonymous said...

IMO, the 30% loss is directly attributable to their obsession with Palin. It has exposed them for the lightweights they are.


Anonymous said...

I'm TIRED of Palin promotion!! Sick and maybe they'll get the message!

BOSMAN said...

Close enough:

Rush Limbaugh's Ratings Have Fallen 30% In The Last Six Months

marK said...

At first, I thought, "Well of course the ratings have fallen. We are post big 2010 election".

But then I realized that we are in the startup of the GOP nomination campaign for the big 2012 fight to kick Obama out of the White House. THAT should keep things hopping for the radio talk guys.

I could accept a drop of 5, 10, maybe even 20% but 30%?!?. That's one out of every three listeners moving on to other things.

Perhaps more people are starting to view these guys like I do, entertainers more than anything else.

Yes, with Rush being so enamored with Sarah Palin, and Levin's and Savage's over-the-top rhetoric, it is becoming more and more difficult to take them seriously.

The only one of the big ones that I ever listen to anymore is Hannity, and that's only a few times a month.

I think Krauthammer's (sp?) recent editorial make a very valid point. The 2010 election was about ideology -- "Obama is a liberal". 2012 will be about competence -- "Obama is a failure".

Doug NYC GOP said...

here is how Rush spins the Romney/GW story. Notice the Headline and how Rush injects himself into what was merely a simple answer to a question.

I'm one of those 30% - before this happened and for exactly why Martha states. The tennage crush these guys have on Palin is so tiresome. Fox is gwetting that way too, touting her every appearance. I don't think being relegated to Judge Jeannie on Sat is exactly a prime spot. Who the hell is watching that on a Sat night?