Sunday, May 15, 2011

RomneyCare vs ObamaCare (VIEW Presentation with video & slides AS PRESENTED on May 12, 2011)

This is Mitt Romney's Health Care address AS VIEWED by those who attended the event on May 12 at the University of Michigan with accompanying slides.

It's to bad that the technical crew at UM hadn't presented it this way via the live feed to begin with. I found that looking at the slides synchronized to Romney as he speaks and reading along, puts a whole new perspective on his presentation. ENJOY!

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Ian said...

I can't seem to understand after watching this as well as the other one without the sideshow how anyone can say that Romney hurt himself. I heard him countering the various and well known charges he gets because of Romneycare and he explained them in a logical clear way. His plan that he outlined sounded solid and well thought out. And yet there are still people that spout out the same old tired charges as before even if he was able to counter them effectivly. I am a Romney guy and I know that Romney is only one of many who have a real shot at winning the nomination. I also know that if Romey didn't win the nomination it wouldn't be the end of the world and we could still beat Obama. But this is about intellectual honesty in the face of facts. There are still going to be people that watch this and don't agree with him. Thats fine and I'm not talking to you. It's the ones who, in spite of him throwing facts in your face, plug your ears and scream, "NA NA NA NA I can't hear you." Those who simply disagree with what he said I can respect. Those who continue to spout off the same false charges dispite evidience to the contrary I can not.

Bill589 said...

IAN, IMO, a level playing field would be suicide for the Obama administration. I support SP, and I want the best Republican to become president and fix the country I love. I believe the Left will attack any GOP candidate with every lie they do now, and many more, up until election day 2012. Sarah will be the ignorant, quitter. Mitt will be the flip-flopper. The truth doesn’t matter to the Left, let’s hope voters can see through their lies.