Sunday, May 15, 2011

Mike Huckabee announces that he will not run for President

This was one of the most bizarre things I've ever seen in politics. I've long suspected that Mike Huckabee's obvious disdain for presidential politics would keep him out the race. However, I did not suspect that he would string his supporters along the way he did.

I can accept that he was considering a run up until this week. Like him or not, he is extremely popular in the Republican Party. The positive polling data must have made the decision extremely difficult. However, I cannot accept the way he handled himself after the decision had been made. The leaked email speaking of "legal considerations" around his announcement, and talk of things getting "crazier" was an obvious ploy for ratings. These tactics are reprehensible.

I feel bad for Texas Conservative, GrannyT, John G, and even Craig for Huckabee / Beat Obama...or whatever he goes by now. It must be a tremendous disappointment to be taken for such a ride. You all deserved better.


Bill589 said...

I have read many times over the last couple of years that Huck hates Mitt. Does this mean his supporters tend to follow suit? Huck bowing out could be good news to an ABM candidate. Or maybe a rogue one.

OhioJOE said...

I do feel bad for Texas and John; Craig not so much. As I mentioned earlier, Mrs. Palin does get a delegate boost in some parts of the country from Mr. Huckabee's exit, but it will be interesting to see how it pans out. I have no doubt a few Huckabeeites will hold their nose and become honorary Romneyites, but of course, others won't.

In some regards, the math is complicated for Mrs. Palin now, but on the other hand, we have one enemy gone and we can focus even more on taking down Mr. Romney. It will be fun!

BOSMAN said...

I don't know OJ.

The latest polls that I've seen with PPP showed Romney gaining the most without Huckabee.

The same polls showed Huckabee gaining the most without Palin. But that scenario is now dead in the water.

ellie said...

I think that a lot will go to Romney, regardless of what is said in the pundit world. I think the electorate wants someone knowledgeable, who stands tall in the face of adversity, is not a whiner, who finds solutions to problems. I think they want some who understand the economy of today, has a successful private live and a full term serving the good folks who elected him. I think you'll see the numbers come to Romney quite slowly at first, and then at a fast rate around the fall.

hamaca said...

I have a hard time envisioning many Huck supporters moving first to Mitt.

I'd add Granny/Donna to the list of people I feel bad for. OJ, agree on Craig--he did so much to alienate supporters of other candidates.

Political said...

Anyone else extremely impressed by how the Romney camp is handling this announcement from Mike Huckabee?