Thursday, May 26, 2011

Obama dumped by Israeli-American Billionaire Donor

Haim Saban, a billionaire Israeli-American donor to the Democrats has announced he won't be donating to President Obama's re-election effort.  Michelle Caruso-Cabrera of CNBC reports:
The most prominent Israeli-American business leader in the United States, Haim Saban, says President Obama needs to do more to show his support of Israel in light of the President's comments last week suggesting Israel needs to return to its pre-1967 borders to achieve peace with the Palestinians.
The full story is HERE.


Anonymous said...

Looks like Obama's insane betrayal of one of the USA's only true friends in the world is biting him in the arse.


Anonymous said...

I hope that these people who don't donate to Obama WILL donate to the GOP nominee and others. The GOP have been more concerned about Israel and its well being than the dems. Hopefully, some of these people will recognize that and come around!


Revolution 2012 said...

I saw him on TV. He is totally disgusted with Obama.

I wouldn't be surprised to see other Wealthy Jews jumping the Obama ship as well.

Machtyn said...

I wonder how often Obama has to snub the Israelis before they realize he is not their friend? That, in fact, the Democrats (Liberals) are absolutely not their friends.