Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sean Hannity Show: Mitt Romney (04-18-11 Audio)

Mitt Romney was on the Sean Hannity Radio Show yesterday. This was his second radio interview of the day. He had one earlier on the Jordan Sekulow Show.

The topics discussed included S&P downgrading our ratings, the deal to not shut down the Government, Donald Trump, job growth, the economy, and the Ma Health Care Plan:


Ann said...

Another good interview between Mitt and Hannity.

Mitt in 2012

ConMan said...

Great interview.

My only disappointment is that I'd like him to point out what was wrong with his plan and what he would do differently.

I'm sure this will be asked by someone during the debates. He needs to be ready with specifics as related to MA.

Anonymous said...

Another great interview. No one can fix the economy like Romney can.


Anonymous said...

ConMan, I would also like Romney to point out what is right with the plan--the positive outcomes and factors that get overlooked. I don't think he should roll over and accept the line that it's not a good plan.

I'm also thinking that the 'why didn't you call me' to Obama is overdone now.


Right Wingnut said...

Now that I've had a chance to listen to the entire interview, here are my thoughts...

His answers on the economy were fine, but he didn't really say anything the others haven't been saying all along. The debt is too high, etc., etc.

I did not like his answer on the recent budget deal. I get the impression that he didn't want to offend anyone who may have voted for the measly $352 million dollars in cuts. "One bite at a time" doesn't do it for me whe we're staring at a $14 trillion debt.

He really does need to come up with something new on RomneyCare. Hannity asked what he liked about MassCare, and what he didn't. He punted on the question and repeated the same talking points that he's been using for the past several months. I mentioned this yesterday, and got ridiculed by a few Romney supporters. Based on a few of the previous comments in this thread, I'm not alone in that sentiment. It's a difficult issue for him, and he will need to come up with something better.

His answers on foreign policy were good.

Overall, I'll give him a C- because of his failure to adequately address the questions about the single biggest hurdle he faces in the upcoming campaign.

Anonymous said...

Amazingly, I agree with both Martha and RW here, Romney will need to get a move on and answer those who are asking about Romneycare. Perhaps he's keeping his powder dry for when he's an actual candidate, but he needs to answer some of these objections before they get so defeaningly loud that it crowds out his message.