Monday, April 18, 2011

The Jordan Sekulow Show: Mitt Romney (04-18-11 Audio)

Mitt Romney appeared today on the Jordan Sekulow Show. As Director of Policy and International Operations for the American Center for Law and Justice, Jordan is one of the most followed conservatives on Twitter. He tackles the tough topics - with insightful analysis and interviews with top decision-makers and conservative leaders at home and abroad.

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 If The above audio bar does not work, you can listen to the interview HERE


Anonymous said...

People. You have to understand reality.


It's a choice: Either
(a) State governments need to pay for their hospital bills with taxpayer money; or
(b) State governments can make them pay for themselves.


- Sam from MA

Right Wingnut said...


That was a real snoozer...

Ellie said...

Maybe it's time for a boring, qualified and knowledgeable president? I don't want one who can fill stadiums, I want a serious president for Serious times. Mitt Romney.

BOSMAN said...



That was a real snoozer... "

Yeh. Your so used to listening to Sarah, and the accompanying BOOING to keep you awake, It's got to be tough to listen to a slow, thoughtful, and more informative interview like Romney's.

Right Wingnut said...

Bosman and Ellie,

No offense to Mitt, but if he can't fill a stadium, or at least get conservatives excited about his candidacy, how will he compete with Obummer on the campaign trail? How will he motivate conservatives to volunteer and contribute to his campaign?

I'm sure he's a fine man, but I just don't see it.

Right Wingnut said...


I listen to all of them, not just Sarah. There are others out there who inspire with their speaking. Allen West and Marco Rubio immediately come to mind. I can assure you there's no BOOING involved there.

Mitt's style is so dry, it makes it hard to listen to the entire interview. My ADD might have something to do with it, but I'm not the only one that feels that way. I know he trying to adopt a more "hip" style, but it's just not him.

Sam From MA said...

You guys are missing the point. We don't need another talking head like Obama. We need an adult.

We are not going to vote for another exciting empty suit like Obama.

Demo Man said...

Right Wingnut,

Many people frequent demolition derbys. Very few of these people would hire the winner of the derby to chauffeur their wife and kids around.

Doug NYC GOP said...

That was a real snoozer... "

I'LL take this is my cue to re-act like a Palinista. I'm sure you and your Palin buddies will recognize these classic responses from your hit parade:

"Yeah, but did you agree with what he said?"

"I guess if all you have to attack is style, you either agree with Romney or you're a little scared."

"I can't believe the hate posted on this site. I'm outta here."

"Comments like this are what will make me consider going third party."

"The critical reaction to the interview is great (then post 20 comments from pro-Romney sites)

"What happened to you? I used to like reading your stuff, now you are a douche bag."

"F#@k You non-Romney supporters!!!"

If I missed any, feel free to complete the list.

and decry how lousy this site for all the hate spewed against a fellow Republican.

Right Wingnut said...

Doug, In addition to pointing out his lack of charisma, I also pointed out that Mitt is probably a fine man.

Now, compare that with the comments on my thread from the other night...

I did not call Mitt a whore.

I did not make fun of his voice.

I did not Tweet about Mitt trying to pass a 10 pound turd.

I did not post quotes from one the most vile leftist sites on the web.

I did not repeat leftist lies about Mitt's interview.

I did not insult Mitt's intelligence.

That's just from thread.

Your head has been in the sand for quite some time now. I used to enjoy your commentary. Now...not so much.

Right Wingnut said...


That's just from (one) thread.

Spenza said...

“There’s no question that they (Obama administration) are trying to keep me from being the nominee.” -Mitt Romney

And that is the stark truth. The last thing they want is someone who can speak with experience on health care, the success Masscare is having and the unconstitutionality of Obamacare. They are afraid because Mitt accomplished something so much better (and legal) than what they are proposing.

Anonymous said...


Little angry aren't you? You got gas or something? Maybe that's making you grumpy? Anyways you did forget one quote...

"The Trig Birthers get more respect on this site than a Palin supporter...I guess as long as you're a Romney supporter then you're a-okay?"

Oh wait....that's true with many on this site, including YOU. RW is right, you have become obnoxious and angry over the last few months. Why don't you get some Maalox for your gas and lie down for awhile.