Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Beck Ups the Birther Ante

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Beck said in Saturday’s live broadcast from Albany on GlennBeck.com: “I don’t know where [Obama is from]. I don’t think he’s from where they issue birth certificates. I think he’s from Hell.”

Oh yes, and he wants to start a Beck Youth Program.

“What you’re going to see in a few months is a new way to communicate with each other.” He added that he is going to “build a way to deliver news directly to the youth of America.”

Will they get neat little uniforms and knives too?


OhioJOE said...

Oh my, Let's say for the sake of arguement that Mr. Beck is a @#$%#&*, money hungry fool, high as kite and partially responsible for the nation's woes. Even then, Dan L, you are funny to put it diplomatically. Do you really think that Mr. Beck actually thinks that Mr. Obama was literally born in Hell. Where I come from, (even where my Father comes from) that is not theologically possible. He is using a figure of speech.

Further, unlike various other people (from across the political spectrum,) Mr. Beck said something like 'it does us no good to dwell on the birth certificate issue.' That may sound like Birthism to you, but not me.

I know that I can be quite naive sometimes, but again, it franklt takes the buscuit if you take Mr. Beck literally and assume that he believes that Mr. Obama was born in Hell.

Look, I get the fact that you feel that Mr. Beck crapped in your corn-flakes. For the sake of arguement, I'll take your word for it. However, this is not the way to lash out at him. Leave the silly stuff to Pablismo and his minions. He'll be back from vacation soon enough.

Anonymous said...

i agree with OJ. Beck may be a little loony tune mormon, (like a certain cadidate) but hes not a birther and to be honest beck has been right on a few things, but he's not the enemy here.

Anonymous said...

Of course Beck doesn't believe Obama was born in Hell, the title of this blog was mostly tongue in cheek. However, Beck did put the lie to any claim that he has ever made to not being a birther. The bigger issue here is that this is just another incident in a long string of extreme hate speech coming from Beck and directed towards liberal politicians. I don't care how wrong a president is on the issues, it should be completely unacceptable to talk like this about a sitting president (or senator or congresman). And all you republicans who want to protect Beck et al and not tell them to shut the heck up are a pathetic legacy to such great statesmen as Reagan and Lincoln. They could present staunch, disciplined opposition to the left without being hateful. The hatred and incendiary language coming from talk radio and the far right is a glaring sign that our nation is in the last stages of decline.

OhioJOE said...

Wow! If this is hatred, what was it against Mr. Bush? Let's not get excited and lose perspective.

Anonymous said...

It was wrong how the left treated Bush. And it is JUST AS WRONG how Beck treats the left. Because it comes from a so called conservative you are willing to give it a wink and a nod and say Beck is all right because he is one of us. That's disgusting.

Anonymous said...

If ellie said something like this about Palin you would come unglued. It would be an ugly comment from her. It's an ugly comment from Beck. I have been taking ellie to task for her hateful obsession with Palin. And I have even been working on a rebuttal of the Trig truthers. But since you are so willing to cozy up to Beck and accept his bile, maybe you deserve all the bile that ellie/dd spew about Palin.

ellie said...

double standards, Dan. That's all. We live with it and consider the source.

Anonymous said...

You do know that in his other life, Glenn Beck was a comedian, right? Oh, wait, he still is! He does his political comedy shows pretty much every year. Apparently, you don't care much for Glenn Beck's humor; however, it isn't a good idea to place Beck in the same category as Rush and Michael Medved. They are radio talk show hosts. Glenn Beck is a Libertarian comedian who hosts a radio talk show. He has no problems poking fun at everybody. And he often says stuff that's pretty over the top. Comedians do that a lot. Most comedians offend people regularly. Good comedian or bad, Beck is a comedian.


Anonymous said...


I will agree that it was wrong that Beck said what he did and I admit that I would be annoyed (but not shocked) if Ellie or DD said something similar. In fact, DD has been saying many things like that today in other threads.

I have listened to Beck (on radio and TV) in the past but I don't anymore because I am tired of the "sky is falling" gloom and doom every day. Plus him saying that Republicans are as bad as Democrats is absurd.


Ann said...

I can't watch him because he's all gloom and doom.

ConMan said...

Beck is only a pundit.

Why people get bent out of shape about him is beyond me.

Like all pundits, he plays to his audience. He not trying to impress anyone else.

Anonymous said...

Dan, I agree that our side needs to be better. Absolutely. I'm so tired of the hateful and inflammatory rhetoric coming from people like Beck, Rush, etc.

A Trig Truther post? Have at it! I would love it. But you won't change any minds because Ellie and I are the only ones who have doubts, and everyone here already thinks we're crazy. You certainly won't change my mind. I'm more convinced than ever that something's fishy. I'm more than happy to talk about it, but will Bosman allow it? I believe he did say no more topics of that nature. I think it's fair game, just as any other candidate has face questions about their personal lives and honesty.


Anonymous said...

If you were to have listened to his Radio show this morning you would have heard a different story. I listened to him make his case against The Huckers, did I absolutely agree with him?
Yes, I did. I had remembered back back oh way back to the airing of Huckers with the Fist L, I then recall feeling in my gut that it was weird
Why would a so called non progressive, choose to support the undermining of American Mom's and Dad's even if they stink?
\I thought to my oh so stupid self.. Wow i didn't realize how PROGRESSIVE "sounding" the Huckers was.
Guess what folks? Never watched it again.
And I never ever NEEDED the sound bites Of Mr Beck to figure it out.
I have known what he said for what a YEAR! So I always thought to myself dumb as rocks as I am that Beck must have been protecting the Huckers because they are on fox news together.
NOW Beck speaks??? Hummm he is leaving the TV show.
He is saying all he can before he leaves.
I happen to Love his show.
I happen to agree with him most of the time.
He Was right to call Out Huck.
He BTW NEVER EVER called him a Progressive. He did however say he had some progressive leanings. I say… in my own Stupid dumb ass CONSERVATIVE way that the HUCKERS IN FACT IS A PROGRESSIVE! Period.
How can he not be if he can sit there in support of a STUPID AMERICAN MONEY GRABBING Progressive Program? and guess what bet you a million dollars Huckers will run WITH THE DONALD! You know why I know???
Because TRUMPET is always talking him up talking him up. Yes, that makes perfect sense. The two PROGRESSIVES together how perfect. Trumpet knows he can grab at Huckers Christian following as-well as the ones who can sit through his program! He is Boring, liberal and a liar! He lied when he said he was Not Progressive so to me he is no Christian. Beck is not perfect but no one alive can say he doesn't do his homework that's for sure. I have been waiting a long time for him to call out Huckabee.. And he did "Applause" I think we American's need a real leader. So far I haven't seen him. Just keep your eyes out for a Trump Huckabee run. :)