Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Presidential Hopefuls: Time to Defuse Your Flaws!

USA Today has an interesting front page article today on the Presidential hopefuls need to defuse their 'fatal flaws'. The printed version of the story say's there is a checklist that should be followed:
  1. Cultivate Fundraisers.
  2. Drop By Iowa and New Hampshire.
  3. Start opining on the BIG issues.
  4. Defuse the pesky personal problem or past policy position that threatens to blow up your campaign.
The online version of the story zeros in on number number 4. They break it down into 4 STRATEGIES:
  1. Apologize
  2. Explain
  3. Fix it
  4. Turn it around
Here are the potential candidates that were singled out in the article:

Haley Barbour:

Hurdle: Defended white Citizens Council; “I just don’t remember it being that bad” in Mississippi during civil rights era.

Why it matters: Racial sensitivity is de rigueur; nominee would run against the nation’s first black president.

Newt Gingrich:

Hurdle: Cheated on his then-wife in 1998 while moving to impeach President Clinton for lying about an affair.

Why it matters: Raises questions of hypocrisy, fidelity to vows; social conservatives are a powerful force in the GOP.

 Mike Huckabee:

Hurdle: Commuted sentence in 2000 for Arkansas felon who killed four police officers near Seattle in 2009.

Why it matters: Willie Horton case in 1988 showed political perils of allowing prisoner release.

Jon Huntsman:

Hurdle: Resigned April 30 after two years as ambassador to China for the Obama administration.

Why it matters: Could he loyally serve Obama, then immediately pivot to run against him?

Sarah Palin:

Hurdle: Questions about her depth of knowledge, especially on foreign affairs, were parodied in 2008 campaign.

Why it matters:Expertise on world issues more critical for the top of the ticket than the running mate.

Tim Pawlenty:

Hurdle: Once urged Congress to pass cap-and-trade bill; in 2007 signed greenhouse gas law in Minnesota.

Why it matters: Many in GOP denounce cap-and-trade as a Big Government overreach.

Mitt Romney:

Hurdle: Signed Massachusetts law in 2006 cited by Obama as a model for parts of his 2010 health care overhaul.

Why it matters: Opposition to “Obama-care” is the issue that most energizes Republican voters.

Be sure you read the full story HERE.


BOSMAN said...

Looking at the Palin, I think she may have an equally tough matter to defuse than the one mentioned.

Most people I know are bothered more by he resigning as Governor. It appears as if it was a TO MUCH PRESSURE call. Whether true or not.

Anonymous said...

"I Quit" / "You're Fired" in 2012

Right Wingnut said...

Looking at the Romney, I think he may have an equally tough matter to defuse than the one mentioned.

Most people I know are bothered by his many change of positions. It appears as if it was a TOO MUCH PRESSURE call. Whether true or not.

Ann said...

It's funny they did not pick on Trump.

Does he own the newspaper?

ConMan said...

Huckabee will have the toughest job of all of them. 1033 criminals on the streets early will not fly with voters.

Anonymous said...

I agree, HUCK IS TOAST when info on all these clemencies come out.