Monday, April 18, 2011

Look Who Is The Next RINO

Ok, so one last post before my vacation from blogging. I was somewhat surprised to see Jan Brewer, the immigrant-fighting Jan Brewer of Arizona, veto not one, but two bills longed for by the right wing base in her state. First, there was the birther bill. Demanding that people produce identification based upon the color of their skin is one thing (I know, some would argue that that is not quite what the Arizona immigration bill called for), but the whole birther thing was just a little too much crazy for Jan. Then, in the same day mind you, she vetoed a bill that would allow students to carry guns on college campuses. Has this RINO no shame?

I always got the impression that Brewer wasn't really that talk radioish. She simply saw that not fighting illegal immigration was a good way to not win reelection. Nevertheless, these are the times that I wish I didn't work and I could listen to Rush Limbaugh. Will he blast her? Will he give her a pass? Tough call. I have no idea. What about the rest of his comrades?

Anybody want to take a guess?


Pablo said...

Note: I actually have mixed feelings about the gun bill. I do happen to believe that carrying guns on campus would increase the chances of safety in the classroom. I think that focus should be on making sure that crazy people do not get guns.

DanL said...

If there were a good screening process to keep guns out of the hands of criminals, illegals, mentally ill, and anyone who has ever been convicted of a felony or a violent misdemeanor, then I think it would be ok to allow guns on college campuses.

But AZ seems to have an anything goes mentality with guns. I have had a concealed carry permit in the past, and don't right now simply because I need to renew it and have been procrastinating. I am very much sympathetic to allowing law abiding, mentally well persons to carry concealed weapons that they have legally obtained and who have legal permits to carry those weapons concealed. I just don't like Arizona's laissez faire attitude toward guns.

Good for Brewer vetoing that birther nonsense.

OhioJOE said...

I will not be able to catch the begining of the show today, but I doubt Mr. Limbaugh will bring it up. He may be a bit of a loud mouth and an interesting character, but unlike Mr. Romney, he is not a loose cannon. Mr. Limbaugh choses battles. He will not waste much time on the Birther versus Anti-Birther non-sense. He is more concerned with cutting spending instead of GOP/Dem accounting tricks.