Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Mitt Romney Trumps The Donald - And By More Than a Hair!

Donald Trump condescendingly dismissed Mitt Romney’s abilities as a businessman and his net worth in a CNN interview this past weekend. However, a new Washington Post/ABC News this morning shows it is The Donald who comes up short, when looking at support among GOP voters.

Romney trounces Trump by a manly 2-1 margin, 16% to 8%. In fact Romney, showing some surprising strength, was the only GOP candidate to break double digits and runs closest to President Obama.

In a departure from most polls which provide a list of candidates for respondents to select, the WaPo/ABC poll required responders to provide a name. Romney’s strong showing against the field would indicate a very strong level of support not previously estimated. Rounding out the field behind Romney and Trump, were Mike Huckabee with 6% in third and Sarah Palin in fourth, with just 5%. The remainder of the GOP field - Gingrich, Daniels, Pawlenty, et al; scored 2% or below.

Romney was also supported by the Boston Herald against Trump’s absurd outburst on Sunday, in a article reflecting the view of experts about Romney’s business prowess. As The Herald writes:

Former venture capital maven Mitt Romney soundly trumps The Donald as a businessman in the opinion of many experts — who laud the former Bay State governor for his analytical chops while slamming the New York real estate tycoon as a high-rolling gambler.”

Romney has been receiving a lot of hometown love from the Boston papers lately. In addition to today’s Herald article, yesterday, the Boston Globe posted an editorial supporting Romney’s role in Health Care Reform.

Trump on the other hand, may find he may face a tougher time with GOP primary voters than with the daily comb-over, once his support of Canadian style Universal Health Care becomes common knowledge. The self- proclaimed “I’m a Liberal on Health Care” with the Eddie McCracken hair, will surely face scrutiny over his past remarks. Trump’s volitile business record will also be subject to serious review, should the NYC real estate tycoon and ego-manic decide to seriously enter the GOP race.

Despite a high level of uncertainty voters are showing with regards to the 2012 field, don’t look for Romney to begin emulating Trump any time soon. Romney has declined to enter into Trump’s Birther nonsense and continues his low-key, disciplined strategy. The media may be fixated on the personality aspects of the race, but with the economic news turning bleaker each day, voters will continue to focus on results-oriented, experienced and serious candidates. As of today, even if by default, Romney seems to be filling that role.

Of course politics takes many turns and plans change. One tell-tale sign could be this….


BOSMAN said...

Trump is no more than a CIRCUS ACT.

History of Bankruptcys/ Chapter 11's, and bad casino deals.

He brags about how much he's worth NOW!
The question that will help KILL his hopes will be, HOW MUCH HE'S LOST!

Teyoninhokovrawen said...

That photo of Trump in the blue suit might appeal to the American Indian segment of the population.

Especially decedents of Mohawk tribe:


Anonymous said...

I dont know where he got the idea in that cnn interview to brag about his net worth over romney's and he pretty much endorsed romney to "small businesses".

Another thing in the interview, trump tried to say romney just worked at a good company and got money, he tried to also say romney did not create companies, to which the cnn lady corrected him and said Romney DID create companies. Trump is a joke.

Ann said...

With all his money, why does he continue to look ridiculous with that hair.

He could have hair plugs, transplant, even a good wig. It doesn't make sense for someone who seems proud oh himself.

ConMan said...


Most guys with comb overs suffer from the same delusions. They really believe that no one knows they're loosing or have lost most of their hair.

Anonymous said...

There is 20% of Republicans who GLUE their face to the TV screen.

They see Trump the Reality show guru and transfer the fantasy to their reality.

These brain dead individuals will be in for a big surprise if the Donald decides to run.

They won't believe the amount of bad material that will surface on this guy.