Monday, April 18, 2011

Romney "Skillful" in MA HC Reform. A Boston Globe Editorial

The Boston Globe publishes an editorial today recounting and supporting Mitt Romney’s role in developing Health Care reform plans for Massachusetts while serving as it's Governor:

All in all, then, the role Romney played was of a governor sensitive to business concerns and worried about the state’s business climate. Now, conservatives have come to view that individual mandate as an intolerable imposition on personal liberty, rather than an insistence on personal responsibility. In no small part that’s because such a mandate also plays a central role in Obama’s health care plan. But if they weren’t hyperventilating about the national law, they might come to recognize that the role Romney played on the state level was skillful, creative, and business-friendly.”

The Globe editorial explains how Democrats wanted to impose a payroll tax on businesses who did not offer health coverage. Democrat House Speaker Sal DiMasi had set up the idea as a ballot question. The business community was very worried about such costs, as DiMasi was adamant about having businesses shoulder the expense, at a proposed rate of $800 to $1,000 per employee. Until Romney crafted an alternative plan, the Democratic policies were sure to be enacted.

Using information from the Heritage Foundation and the Urban Institute, Romney eventually made the individual mandate the centerpiece of health care reform. The idea of the mandate was born in Conservative and Republican circles as a way to combat the single-payer healthcare plans favored by Progressives. Romney was able to craft a compromise, which eased the burden on businesses, while allowing residents to purchase individual private insurance policies.

Some Conservatives have been assailing Romney for his role in Massachusetts Health Care reform, but as the Globe editorial points out:

”…conservatives might be more favorably disposed if they understood the part Romney played in warding off various schemes feared by business.”

Surely realistic voters will want someone who has the ability to make sound decisions, based on real experience in both the public and private sector, to lead and tackle the issues of the day, as they face a choice in 2012.


hamaca said...

Doug, thanks for this post which so clearly illustrates that Romney didn't just suddenly come up with this idea of mandates to impose. Instead, as people who understand what actually went on, instead of repeating their partisan talking points, Romney successfully fended off liberal initiatives.

Even the Boston Globe sees the irony and scoffs at those conservatives who can't think for themselves, but mindlessly grasp at whatever speaking point as long as it sounds like it's against Romney, assuming it must, therefore, benefit their guy/gal.

Doug NYC GOP said...

Even Reagan, Conservative Icon he may be, worked with everyone.

It's one thing to throw out the talking points, it's quite another to craft real solutions. They may not always be perfect, nothing really ever is, so the candidate's skill set becomes the deciding factor.

Tim said...

If I'm not mistaken, Romney originally wanted indiduals to be able to post bonds as proof they could pay for emergency healthcare services in lieu of the mandate requiring insurance.

That was shot down and the mandate was the only other option to stop the freeloading.

Tim said...

sorry, should be "individuals"

Anonymous said...

Nice find, Doug.

I'm glad the Romney MassCare accusations have been flying for a while now. There's still plenty of time for the truth to sink in. And it starts with articles like this.

Those who are lying about MassCare for political points against Romney are going to find that it backfires.


marK said...

The Boston Globe is defending Romney?!?

Hmmmm, I'm not sure how to take this.

Normally one must take a grain of salt with any Globe story about a Republican -- and three with any Globe story about Mitt Romney. Could this be part of the Democrats' strategy of hurting Romney by praising him?

marK said...

Don't get me wrong. I would be quite happy if the Globe has actually suddenly decided to be honest about Mitt. It's just that I am going to wait to see if this is just a one time deal, or if it represents a new policy on their part.

Doug NYC GOP said...

Well marK, they did only reference the cener-left Urban Institute as having an influence on Romney's decision, sp perhaps they are only partially supporting him :)

Of the two papers up there in Beantown, which is more supportive Herald or Globe?

marK said...

Generally the Herald. You do get the occasional anti-Romney snark from them, but they are usually supportive of Mitt.

BOSMAN said...

The FREELOADER MANDATE is my FAVORITE part of the program.


The Herald is NO BARGAIN either. Like the Globe, they endorsed McCain in 08.