Wednesday, March 9, 2011

PPP Polling: Arizona will be Palin headquarters if she runs in 2012

Ben Smith reports that if Sarah Palin runs for President next year she'll base her campaign in Arizona.

We found last month that voters in Arizona don't care for Palin. Her favorability there is just 39%, with 57% of voters holding a negative opinion of her. We found that she would start out trailing Barack Obama in the state by a 49/41 margin. That would make her only the second Republican to lose the state since 1948.
The complete story is HERE.


Ann said...

This choice of a headquarters is a little strange.

Maybe she's trying to prove something?

larry said...

Palin is not running. This is just another story to keep her name in with the ones that are running.

Anonymous said...

Who cares what she does?
She's Obama's best hope for a second term.

Bill589 said...

Your kidding right? Palin will bury Obama, especially in debates. She is great unscripted. Obama is lost without teleprompters.