Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Governor Walker, Say It Ain't So.

Gov. Scott Walker's office released documents Tuesday showing he's willing to give on some points of his union bargaining bill to break the Capitol standoff and bring Senate Democrats back from Illinois.
Walker offered the following possible concessions:
• Public employee union bargaining over wages would no longer be limited to the rate of inflation.

• Unions would be allowed to bargain over certain economic issues, including mandatory overtime, performance bonuses, hazardous duty pay and classroom size. On this set of issues, both labor and management would have to agree to discuss them for bargaining to happen.

• Unions could bargain over workplace safety, but that would be limited to workers' physical health and safety. It would not allow bargaining over hours, overtime, sick leave or family leave, work schedules or vacation.

• Unions would have to vote every three years to remain active, with the first of those votes coming within one year of the bill becoming law. The current version of the bill would require unions to vote to recertify every year - starting this April - and require them to get at least 51% of workers' votes.

• Employees of the University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics Authority would not lose all union bargaining rights.

• The Legislature's budget committee would have to approve changes to state health programs for the poor sought by the Walker administration. The budget-repair bill gives Walker broad powers to reshape those Medicaid health programs, which cover more than 1 million state residents.
The full story is HERE.


Anonymous said...

If Walker can get 90% of what he wants, then I think its ok for him to do this. He is not caving in on the big principle. What he is doing is letting the unions bargain on some of the small stuff.

Revolution 2010 said...

Let's hope this is a little finessing on Walker's part and not a cave.

Granny T said...

I read on a pro Walker site that maybe he should give in a little to get the spoiled brats back to WI to do their jobs. He could always address the union issue at a later date after the budget is dealt with and heads have cooled. It would also be nice if all those protesters would go home and quit messing up the Capitol.

Ann said...

I suppose you have to give a little to get a lot.

OhioJOE said...

It work! Yahoo! GOD Bless Mr. Walker!

Granny T said...

Have you seen the recent news going on in Mad Town? Last night the Senate passed non collective bargaining legislation - that was passed separately from the budget bill so they didn't need the quorum of 20. The Capitol building was on lock down because of the madness of protesters. Death threats have been made against Republican Congressmen.

I'm not sure yet if the Capitol has been opened back up for business so that the House can pass the bill to get it ready for Gov. Walker to sign. AWOL Dems are reportedly heading back to Madison now that the part they objected to is no longer part of the budget bill.

Granny T said...

If you're a member of Facebook here's a good link to keep up with the WI news
Support Gov. Scott Walker: No Collective Bargaining!/pages/Support-Gov-Scott-Walker-No-Collective-Bargaining/142646112465277