Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Now This is a Governor (Daniels May Not Run for Prez)

From Politico

The Hoosier State governor said he plans to focus on state issues, even if that costs him the opportunity to launch a White House bid. Democratic state lawmakers have been AWOL from Indiana for days in an effort to block a number of GOP-led initiatives, with no end to the stand-off in sight.

"We're all about the business of Indiana and trying to move an agenda forward right now," Daniels told the Associated Press. "That could well get in the way of any national participation. If it does, it does."

Although this news makes me a little sad, I have to say good for Mitch. He is a responsible adult here, which we have precious few of in national politics. His job as governor should take precedence over running for President. He has a duty first to his constituents who voted for him, and not to the rest of us who have never voted for him, no matter how much some of us admire him and wish he would run.

I take his words at face value. But I still must speculate if there might be more motives that he hasn't revealed. Such as a realization that no GOP candidate will beat Obama in 2012, so why waste the time and money when he can stay in IN and do a lot of good there. Kinda like Thune's decision to stay in the Senate. I also wonder if he is backing off of a run so as to support someone else, like Barbour. I suppose that time will tell.

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Granny T said...

I admire Daniels for doing the job he was elected to instead of going AWOL like some of Indiana's and Wisconsin's elected legislatures. Isn't it ironic that Dems from both states are hiding out in Illinois learning from some of the worst politicians out there? They cry foul because the majority is trying to pass legislation that they campaigned on while hiding out in a state where the lame duck session passed one of the highest tax increases in our state's history using a loop hole that allowed them to pass it at that time with a simple majority vote instead of the 2/3 vote if they would have waited until the new Congress was sworn in. :( If I lived in Indiana or Wisconsin I'd want to get my legislatures away from that type of influence asap.

Daniels had said before that he'd make his decision when his job is finished. We should all admire that.