Wednesday, March 2, 2011

NBC News/Wall Street Journal Poll: GOP 2012 Preference

Let me read you a list of people who might seek the 2012 Republican nomination for president. If you were voting today in the 2012 Republican primary for president, which one of the following candidates would you favor?

(First Choice/Second Choice/Combined Choice)

Mike Huckabee 25/13/38
Mitt Romney 21/16/37
Sarah Palin 12/14/26
Newt Gingrich 13/8/21
Ron Paul 6/6/12
Tim Pawlenty 3/8/11
Mitch Daniels 3/2/5
Rick Santorum 2/4/6
Jon Huntsman 1/2/3
Haley Barbour -/3/3

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Bill589 said...

Two and a half years of constant negative media scrutiny, and Sarah is still near the top. This is her absolute bottom. Her campaign will show people the truth, and get past the media lies. Her numbers will only improve.

Notice Huck and Mitt have been under some negative scrutiny for a week or two now. IMO, that’s actually a good sign for them: The Left must think they’re significant threats if they are attacking them.

When the attacks continue for a month or two, or a year or two, I wonder how popular Mitt or Huck would be? This is the Palin difference right now. And even with Huck or Mitt, it doesn’t matter if they have legitimate weaknesses. The truth has nothing to do with the left’s attacks, but they will come if either threatens the Left. Oh yes. They will come.

Anonymous said...

Romney is my first choice. All others? distant fourths.

bill, did you notice that Fox has not suspended Palin or Huckabee? Tells me that they know something her followers are not so willing to admit;
She's not running.

Granny T said...

FOXNEWS hasn't suspended Palin or Huckabee because they haven't said anything to make it clear they're running. The information of Newt's exploratory committee launching was leaked and Santorum has been going around Iowa telling people Huckabee isn't running so they should support him - meaning he is running. Santorum also reportedly committed to being at one of the debates.

Huckabee seems to have moved up his decision date from "late summer" to "late spring/early summer". My guess is shortly after an Alaskan cruise.