Friday, March 25, 2011

Lightening the Mood

I would like to lighten the mood a little if I may, and let's have some fun at the expense of the one person who we all want to defeat, good old President Obama. I found this post on another blog mocking Obama's unwillingness to call our "Kinetic Military Operation" what it really is. War. Here is a link to the original post.

Obama's Top 25 Euphemisms for War.
  1. Potential Peace Between Two Potentially Friendly Nations
  2. Teachable Moments
  3. Stimulating Production of Vital National Industries Through Organised Disposal of Acquired Defense Surplus
  4. Community Disorganizing
  5. Nation Building for al Qaeda
  6. Freedom Inaction
  7. Passive Restraint Through Blowing [Stuff] Up (I edited this entry to make it more family friendly.)
  8. Military Hardware Environmental Recycling Effort
  9. Active Ordinance Reduction
  10. Passive Aggressive Corrective Measures With Emphasis on Aggressive
  11. Yes We Can … Kill You
  12. Hope. Then Duck and Cover.
  13. Nobel Peace Prize Victory Lap
  14. Anti-Nonconfrontational Humilitarian Operations
  15. Ground-based Fireworks Display
  16. Foreign Explosive Technology Exchange
  17. Soul Liberating Aid Mission
  18. Military Surplus Distribution Program
  19. Instantaneous Population Control
  20. Decapitate and Trade
  21. Systematic Active Population Control
  22. Post-Natal Pro-Choice Movement
  23. Beating Our Plowshares Into Cruise Missiles
  24. Shock and Aw, Crap
  25. Bush’s Fault


ellie said...

You forgot:
Gov't shovel ready desert project

Anonymous said...

That's pretty funny. Our current President does tend to talk around the issues. I still enjoy the "Man-caused disaster" euphemism his administration uses to decribe terrorism.